What Are The 5 Components of Physical Fitness?

The 5 components of physical fitness include:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness (your heart and lungs)
  2. Muscular strength (how much you can lift during a particular movement)
  3. Muscular endurance (using your muscles repeatedly)
  4. Flexibility (your range of motion)
  5. Body composition (how much body fat you have)
5 Components of Physical Fitness

The five components of fitness play key roles in anti aging!

Usually when you buy a gym or other type of fitness membership you'll be asked to undergo a few different physical tests.

This is done to see what your current fitness level is like.

There are different tests depending upon your age and any physical or medical issues you may have.

Afterwards the gym or their personal trainers can suggest a plan suited to your abilities.

You may be asked to...

  • Run or walk on a treadmill
  • Ride a stationary bike
  • Do some pushups and situps

The above would be done for specific time periods.

They may ask you to do some stretches to test your flexibility and then use one of a number of different methods to Calculate Body Fat.

There are a lot more tests that can be done that are used to determine your abilities and their relation to the 5 components of physical fitness but I'm sure you get the idea.

Usually the results are kept for a period of time to compare to results of future tests from other Fitness Training Plans. This helps to make sure you're making progress.

This basically defines physical fitness.

Differences Between The 5 Components of Physical Fitness

You may be great in certain areas of the five components of fitness while at the same time being very poor in others. This is especially true when it comes to Fitness For Beginners.

However, it doesn't matter because you will improve in all Types Of Fitness Training with the proper help and information.

Your age isn't a factor.

You don't necessarily have to workout at a gym you can do your Fitness Training At Home.

Here are some Fitness Training Tips to improve any of the components of fitness...

Increase the weight you're lifting in small amounts but try to do it often.

Write down everything you do during all of your Fitness Training Programs. This can include the weight you use, the types of exercises, along with the sets and reps.

With any cardio you're doing, such as walking, running, etc. record the time and distance.

But before you start exercising, making changes to your diet, taking supplements, etc. make sure your doctor says it's ok.

There you have it...

A quick and concise definition of the 5 components of physical fitness.

Take it to the next level with some great Fitness Motivation then start reviewing the information contained in the following pages or other sections concerning fitness and anti aging on this website.

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