71 Weight Loss Tips That You Can Use Right Now

Below you’ll find 71 weight loss tips that are very effective in helping you lose weight. They are a good addition to your current anti aging efforts.

There are a few common aspects to successful weight loss...

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  • Your attitude
  • Your ability to take action
  • Your diet
  • Your supplements
  • Your exercise program.

If you can accept that you need to focus on these main areas and use the 71 weight loss tips to your full advantage, you won't be disappointed.

Exclusive...71 Weight Loss Tips

Always keep in mind that even these 71 weight loss tips will not work if you don’t exercise, eat right and use the proper supplements.

1. Always warm up your muscles.

2. Use proper breathing techniques.

3. Cool down slowly on the stationary bike or treadmill.

4. Know when your muscles are sore from exercise or injuries.

5. Try to do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

6.  Drink water before, during and after your exercise session.

7. Stretch lightly before you start exercising.

8. Don’t bounce during any warm up, stretching or weight lifting.

9. Be active when not at the gym.

10. Never take the elevator.

11. Try taking two stairs at a time.

12. If you have a dog walk with it.

13. Take a Frisbee or some toy and stop at a park to play with the dog.

14. Park in the furthest spot away from the front of the store as you can.

15. Clean your house from top to bottom every month.

16. At least 4 days each week take a 30 minute walk.

17. If own a house with a back yard then plant a vegetable garden.

18. Dance classes are being offered everywhere nowadays…join one.

19. This one should have been number one on this list…Join a fitness center.

20. Use compound exercises when lifting weights.

21. Avoid balance-training exercises.

22. Ensure that you are exercising all 3 heads of your triceps muscles.

23. Perform shoulder shrugs to strengthen your upper back.

24. Perform every lift in a steady, controlled manner.

25. Rest for 30 to 120 seconds between each set on each weight lifting exercise.

26. If you own a bicycle, use it.

27. Change your exercise routine often.

28. Be aware of how your body responds to exercise.

28. If you can talk while exercising increase your intensity. If you can’t say a word after finishing a set, reduce your intensity.

29. You should feel some soreness the day after.

30. If you are overweight and feel pain in any joints begin by doing short walks.

31. If you feel faint after a long layoff or have never exercised before or you notice a slight headache or heart palpitations, stop and make an appointment to see your doctor.

32. Avoid lifting weights or doing any intense cardio if you are sick.

33. Always record your exercise sessions.

34. Walk at a steady pace during your entire walking session.

35. Try and eat lean seafood products two or more times each week.

36. Avoid all fast food.

37. Sandwich stores offer 6 inch sub sandwiches with chicken. An ok option now and then.

38. Eat salads and mixed vegetables.

39. Limit cheese intake.

40. Tuna sandwiches should be avoided.

41. Pasta is calorie dense so limit it.

42. Use applesauce as an alternative for shortening.

43. Never fry any foods.

44.  Use smaller portions.

45. Record what you eat and drink.

46. Eat small meals every 3 - 4 hours.

47.  Eat carbohydrate and protein meals early then protein and fat combinations in the afternoon. Never eat high carbohydrate and fat meals together.

48. Eat an ample amount of fresh vegetables per day and some fresh fruit each day.

49. Eat yogurt.

50: Fresh tuna is good protein.

51. Eat different varieties of beans.

52. Reduced fat means nothing unless it’s less than 1% total fat.

53. Add protein to your salads.

54. Never use fatty salad dressings.

55. Roasted or flavored nuts are a good snack.

56: Potato chips should be avoided. An obvious one on this 71 weight loss tips list.

57. Eat oatmeal mixed with whey protein and frozen fruit for breakfast.

58. If at a restaurant eat a low fat, low calorie snack before you go.

59. At a buffet try to sit as far away from it as you can

Now, we have provided you with 59 of the 71 weight loss tips. The rest, and many more are up to you. Add your own below and lets see how many we actually get...

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