A Creatine Cancer Connection?

There have been some articles in the past such as the one that the French Health Services had a one time, coming out with a report of creatine possibly being a carcinogen.

First however, if you’re concerned at all about statements like this just stop taking it. The opinion of the scientific community seems to be that over the past couple decades there have been extensive scientific studies, legitimate peer review research regarding creatine, and there has not been any evidence of any health risk.

You also need to realize that creatine is not an unnatural compound, but it is found in food.

When you find isolated reports such as this one you should always look carefully at the source. With this particular situation the report came from France, a country where the governing bodies had been against creatine. Their position was that it offers an unfair advantage.

In other words, their initial concern with creatine was that works so they shouldn’t allow athletes to take it. In continued efforts to maintain their stance they do have to find a spin on the reasons it shouldn’t be allowed. This rumor has nothing to do with any actual research study, but was rather looking for correlations between incidence of cancer and use of creatine and broader populations.

You should never put anything in your body that you believe will cause any disease But with creatine monohydrate powder millions of people have been taking it daily for decades and have no problems or concerns about using it.

Always use your own judgment when it comes to rumors or statements that seem a little odd.

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