A Diet That Is Yummy, Fast & Easy

A Diet That Is Yummy, Fast & Easy

For about 3 weeks I have, without even meaning to, started a really awesome and easy weight loss system for myself.

I wake up and have a simple bowl of kellogs cereal (1 cup with a 1/2 cup low fat milk) or a packet of oatmeal with low fat milk or 2 whole wheat waffles with 1 tbs of peanut butter. All delicious and filling breakfast options that I pair with a portion of fruit and a cup of orange juice or apple juice. ( I use all organic products... yes the prices are higher.. but they are much more beneficial for your body).

I typically have a bag of baby carrots or an apple or a 90 calorie kellogs snack bar for a snack b/w these meals.

For lunch I was always in a hurry b/w work or running errands so one day i decided to pick up a smoothie to hold me over. I picked one from the meal replacement list that was full of protein and fibers and got the smallest size and was out the door. I was sure in a few hours I would be hungry again but I wasn't!!

So I started getting smoothies every day that week for lunch and noticed a up in energy and I lost 3 lbs that week. I thought the result was awesome but the price was getting a little steep so I went and bought some mixed frozen fruits some protein powder some peanut butter and these strawberry flavored fiber chewables and started making my own smoothies at home and taking them with me.

In the freezer they hold well and you can switch to fridge about 30 min before you are ready to eat. I typically use about 1 cup of fruit any you choose any variety or single fruit. about a 1/3 cup of juice or lowfat milk.

Two fiber cheables 1 scoop of protein powder or 2 tbs peanut butter and 1/2 cup ice. Mix and YUMMY!!! The best part about smoothies is that you have endless possibilities. There are so many combinations of Fruits that You really have fun deciding what your next concoction will be. Plus its filling and Fulfilling!!

A cup of sugar free jello and a kellogs protein water is a really great snack as well!! only 60 cal!!

For dinner I have been making myself a cup of soup before I start to cook. Usually a creamy tomato or seafood bisque something slightly creamy!! and Then I begin to cook dinner for my family. My favorite is Simple and may seam boring but I believe is DELICIOUS!!

I grill chicken breast in a cajun rub. Lightly seasoned just to taste and shred it up. Then I make some brown rice and some black beans (DRAIN THE BEANS!!!!) I mix this all together in a casserole dish with a little bit of vegetable broth just to sort of coat the mixture and then top with a LOW FAT cheddar Swiss mix.

Just lightly on the top DO NOT COVER!! and I heat it for about 5-10 min at 350. Add some steamed broccoli and cauliflower on the side or a nice side salad with the salad spritzer dressing!! Perfect filling meal and my kids LOVE it.

I usually try to make my meals with a nice mix of things my family needs. Protein- in lean meats and beans. Good starch- in whole wheat pasta, rice, bread or sweet potatoes.

Dairy- Cheese or milk and VEGETABLES!!! Lots of veggies in salads and sides.

All of these should be portion controlled. About the size of your rolled fist. And when you are satisfied stop!! no seconds!! and don't let your eyes thing for your stomach.

If you must!! have a dessert make sure it is not later than 2 hours before you go to bed and try chocolate or cinnamon rice cakes topped with 1tbs of Fat free cool whip or a cup of sugar free jello with 2 tbs of fat-free coolwhip. Or just a bowl of fresh fruit topped with a dash of splenda. Also i have HUGE chocolate cravings. I buy the individual wrapped dark chocolate and chop it up or shred it over my fruit. Very satisfying. and its good antioxidants!!

I do about 10 min of abs on Monday 10 min of legs on Tuesday 10 min of arms on wed. and 30 min of cardio on Thursday and Friday and enjoy my weekend. I don't go to a gym.

I have lost 10 lbs in 3weeks!! and I feel awesome. My body already looks better and I am so happy. I have fun making new and healthy meals for my family. I always enjoy my smoothies and they NEVER get old! I suggest that every one try it out! ( I have skipped about 2 smoothie days and replaced with a sandwich or wrap and some baby carrots because my family went on a picnic and my son had a game).

This has not slowed down my weight loss. I am much happier with my life and I feel like my family is happier as well. My kids are more active and so is my husband.

I hope for the women who do give this a try.. that you feel happier and MORE Beautiful. I know we all love to feel like we are beautiful... and I finally am starting to feel that. Enjoy!!

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