Advantages Of Circuit Training For You

There are many advantages of circuit training but depending on your goals, current health, fitness levels, etc., there are can be many variations.

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As you improve your fitness and health you need to change the circuit training you're doing to ensure that you will continue to reach your goals. Most circuit training routines, even if the end goal is the same, will be different in the way they're structured.

This is because everyone has different abilities and strengths.

To get all the advantages of circuit training your different circuit training exercises should differ in the amount and levels of both anaerobic and aerobic work as well as a variation on the focus of the exercise.

You can do circuit training routines that consist of a determined number of reps, or circuit training routines that you perform for a specific amount of time.

You can also perform a certain number of reps on the first circuit, then a higher number of reps for the 2nd circuit, then either a higher or lower number of reps on your 3rd circuit. An example of this could be: 5 reps / 10 reps / 5 reps.

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Get All The Advantages Of Circuit Training

Here are ten circuit training tips that will help you realize the advantages of circuit training:

  1. Warm up properly. When your muscles are cold they can basically be like glass. It's very easy to pull or tear a muscle. Even if you are experienced or very fit it doesn't make a difference. Cold muscles are cold muscles!

  2. Do some light stretching. Don't over-do the stretching, just light stretching is recommended at this time. Warming up and stretching can both help increase your blood flow.

  3. Wear appropriate fitness clothing. You need comfort and support. You should always wear the proper footwear in case someone (or you) accidentally drops weight on your foot. If your clothing is too restricting your workout won't be as good as it could be.

  4. Do different Types Of Fitness Training now and then. If you do the same type of fitness training for long periods of time you can add too much stress to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. which will result in "repetitive stress" injuries.

  5. Be aware of how your body reacts to different stresses. Any pain you feel should be investigated. Pain, even if it seems minor, may be the start of something more serious. Go to your doctor and get it checked out just to be sure.

  6. Know what you're doing. If you're unsure about any Circuit Training Exercises, ask a professional. There are so many different variables that you can easily get off track.

  7. Don't train if you haven't eaten for many hours. Your body needs energy to perform at optimal levels. There are good pre-workout supplements that will give you the energy to have a great workout. Also make sure you keep hydrated.

  8. Only increase your intensity or length of your circuit training workouts by a maximum of ten percent at a time. This will allow your body to adjust at a level that will not injure you. A more drastic increase has the potential to damage muscles, ligaments, etc.

  9. Balance your fitness training and rest. Your body makes improvements when you are resting. If your muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. are worn out and not getting time to recover, they will become more susceptible to injury. A good balance between rest and exercise is essential.

  10. Your diet is just as important as your circuit training exercises and the types of circuit training routines you're involved in. Without proper nutrition you won't reach your goals.
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