An Easy Abdominal Workout

by Matt

I start my workout for 6 pack abs doing a minimum of 50 abdominal crunches, followed by abdominal trusts to failure (for my lower abdominal muscles), oblique crunches to failure and then knee-ups to failure (also for lower abdominal muscles).

I recently started adding in a set of vacuum contractions that seem to have really added a new level of visual success for my 6 pack abs.

Now, almost everybody knows how to do a standard abdominal crunch. Crunches, when done properly, are very easy and in my experience crunches work better than almost any other abdominal exercise at getting that much sought after look of having 6 pack abs. Crunches don’t really have any effect on your lower abdominal muscles but I’ve found the ab thrusts and knee-ups to be all that’s needed for this area.

I’m not going to get into the basics of how to do crunches or any of the other abdominal exercises I use, because you guys have basically got the directions on your webpage describing what it takes to get 6 pack abs. For the knee-ups I’d recommend doing them only on the end of a weight bench because doing them on the floor tends to add a little too much stress on your lower back.

Most people have never heard of vacuum contractions because it’s an exercise primarily used by professional body builders and they are very hard to do. Of course the general public doesn’t like to do exercises that are difficult. However, they are amazing for creating that perfect 6 pack look.

I use the above ab workout 3 times a week and do a total of 4 sets of each exercise. I do one set of each abdominal exercise with 60 seconds rest between each one then do the entire circuit 4 times.

I know a lot of people do abdominal exercises every day, but like any other muscles they need to rest and recover in order to improve. Also it’s important to remember that your diet is a big part of being able to see any 6 pack abs. Diet is equal in importance to the abdominal exercises you do.

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