Are Bodybuilding Supplement Bars Any Better Than Regular Candy Bars?

Are there any body builder supplement bars that will help improve my bodybuilding results? If you go into any store that sells bodybuilding supplements they’ve got dozens of different supplement bars all claiming to help you build muscle and burn fat.

I've often heard however, that all body builder supplement bars are nothing more than regular candy bars except they have a little more protein. Is this true?

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Very Few Body Builder Supplement Bars Are As Good As The Manufacturers Claim

Yes, there are a lot of body builder supplement bars and fitness bars in general being marketed to everyone who is interested in improving their physical appearance. Unfortunately, the negative things you hear about supplement bars are for the most part true. They are nothing more than candy bars with more protein.

There are a lot of problems when trying to make a good quality body builder supplement bar. For the most part it works like this; as you take the sugar from a bar it loses its consistency and ends up turning into a product that looks like 'goo'. There are only two ways to get the proper consistency back. You have to add sugar or add fat.

The thing that the marketers of these types of supplements know, is that people want a body builder supplement bar or a fitness bar in general to taste great. This is why you end up buying a product that looks like and tastes like a candy bar. Yes, most of the bars do contain high-quality protein but they also contain up to 20gms of sugar, or in some cases a lot more.

Over the past number of years there have been a lot of questions raised as to the accuracy of the labels on a lot of bodybuilding supplement bars.

The bodybuilding supplement bars that are nutritionally sound, are the ones that taste horrible. If your number one goal is to get in the best shape possible you're better off to eat regular healthy food and stay away from body builder supplement bars and fitness bars altogether.

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