How About Belly Fat Burners?

You can use so-called belly fat burners to help in weight loss. However, you need to know about losing fat is that if you are really serious about it, you'll need to burn it off your body with exercise and proper nutrition.

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There is no other safe way! You need to expend more calories than you eat.

It's a simple process…if you continue eating too many calories (regardless if those calories come from protein, carbohydrates or fat) than your body has the ability to use each day, you'll continue to get fatter.

Any calories that your body can't use up each day will get accumulate as more body fat.

Regardless of how good some supplements may be, they won’t get you lean if you continue to over-eat.

You have to eat less food per meal, per day, per week and start increasing your daily activity level.

Speed Up Your Metabolism Through Consistent Exercise

Consistent exercise will speed up metabolism. This is especially true with resistance exercise (weight training).

Eat a healthy, properly balanced diet. This is a no-brainer.

Know If Belly Fat Burners Are Working

If you choose to take belly fat burners then you should know if they are working or not.

You may use a regular bathroom scale to help determine your success. This isn't accurate. A bathroom scale can't tell you if you are losing even one ounce of body fat.

A bathroom scale cannot tell the difference between weight loss that from body fat, muscle or water.

Primarily there are three effective ways to measure your success:

Body Fat Scales - Home version: There are many versions of body fat analyzers on the market. They work by using a low-level of electrical current passed through your body and the "impedance" is measured.

Skin Fold Callipers: Basically very big tweezers. Used to hold on to your folds of skin at about 8 specific points on your body to measure the thickness. Not very accurate.

Hydrostatic Weighing: This is underwater weighing. You sit on a scale inside a tank of water with big tubes in your mouth, your nose clamped and blow out as much air as you can. You are submersed completely.

Fat is lighter than water, so the more fat you have, the more you will float. The scale you're sitting on can measure your weight to determine your body fat percentage.

This is very accurate but very expensive (you can usually only have this performed at a university). It’s the most stressful method as well.

In order for belly fat burners to work properly, they should be strong enough to curb your appetite, speed up metabolism so you will burn more calories, create heat so you burn more fat but will not give you the unwanted side effects such as: jitteriness, nervousness or heart palpitations.

It's possible with exercise, proper nutrition and only then adding in a fat burning supplement to lose excess fat and prevent weight gain.

But please keep in mind, a higher dose of anything doesn't mean faster weight loss, just a lot more side effects.

Start with your exercise and nutrition program and only then try a supplement to see if it works for you.

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