Benefits Of Calisthenics Workouts

Some of the benefits of calisthenics workout programs includes improving your flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle power.

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What is a calisthenics workout?

First you need to know about the Muscle Strength And Endurance Continuum. Muscular strength and endurance co-exist on a continuum.

For example: if you can generate enough strength to perform one rep of a given exercise and your muscle endurance gives your the ability to exert force constantly over a certain period, improving your muscular strength will also improve your muscular endurance.

If you can increase a set by one rep then your maximal weight will increase. You will eventually be able to lift more weight for more reps on each set.

Once you get to the point where you can perform medium reps, 8 or more, you need to increase the resistance on your muscles. This will of course reduce the number of reps you can do. To improve muscle endurance you will need to perform high rep, low intensity Calisthenics Exercises.

By increasing the number of reps you can do on any given set you will improve your muscular endurance. As an example, if you can do only ten to twelve abdominal crunches using proper calisthenic techniques you will begin to develop muscular strength.

Once your can do over fifteen reps during each set you will begin to develop muscular endurance.

There are many Benefits Of Calisthenics but make sure your nutrition is on par.

Benefits Of Calisthenics Strength

What is calisthenics as it relates to strength?

Using body weight pull-ups as an example; at the start you may only be able to do 4 – 6 reps on each set. This will develop your strength and will have no effect on muscular endurance.

Over time, and as long as you are consistent, the number of reps you will do will go up. Eventually, if you are able to perform more that twelve reps per set, you will be improving your muscular endurance and no longer be gaining strength.

The next time when your Calisthenics Workout will improve strength is when your exercises are changed in order to overload your muscles so they can improve your strength.

You can do this simply by adding more weight, exercising one side of your body at at time (such as doing one-side leg presses), or by doing super-sets or giant-sets.

The strength of your muscles will provide the foundation for endurance and power.

Other benefits of calisthenics exercises include improving your athletic performance and decreasing the chances of an injury. When you are doing calisthenics exercises, more is not always better. In fact, you can injure yourself very easily if you're not careful.

Your goal should be to focus on improving your aerobic capacity, strength, endurance, power, and flexibility, not to do more than the person next to you. Never fall into this trap – leave your ego at home.

More common bodyweight calisthenics exercises done 2 – 3 times each week will help to maintain and improve your over-all muscular endurance.

Calisthenic training is practical for almost any situation because you can do the exercises almost anywhere using just your bodyweight.

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