Your Best Bicep Exercises

You need to use the best bicep exercises possible regardless of results you want to see. You can use various exercises to increase your muscular development, size and strength of your biceps muscles.

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Best Bicep Exercises

If you don’t want big strong arms but rather a great aesthetic look you still have to use the same exercises for biceps muscles as you would for big biceps, just done in a slightly different manner.

No other muscle group will get as many comments from people as your biceps.

A lot of attention has always been given to this muscle but it may be difficult for you to get the results you may want. Well, we’re here to help by providing you with the best bicep exercises.

You need to utilize a wide range of specific bicep exercises to constantly jolt your muscles to grow. A lack of variation in your bicep workouts will slow your progress.

By targeting different parts of your bicep from various angles you will see greater growth and development.

Exercises For Biceps...
Issues To Avoid

The main issue with a lot of exercises for biceps muscles is that they work your biceps in the exact same manner.

Here is an example: DB curls from both a standing and seated position. These 2 bicep exercises should not be performed during the same workout because they stress your muscles in the exact same manner.

You must use the best biceps exercises that will target your muscles from every angle possible for full muscle fiber recruitment.

Always use proper lifting form! This refers to swinging the weights, rounding your shoulders, using your back, not using a full range of motion, etc.

Depending on your proportions, genetics, bone structure, etc. it may be hard for you to develop good arms. However, you still can improve upon what you currently have.

Your 8 Best Bicep Exercises

exercises for biceps

The following are some of the best bicep exercises you can do in order to see the results you so desire. For the Best Bicep Exercises to work properly make sure nutrition is at its best as well.

1. Incline Dumbbell Curls: This is a key exercise for biceps development. It's also one of the most effective for isolating the long head of your biceps.

You'll need an incline bench and a set of dumbbells. You can vary the angle of the bench to increase muscle fiber recruitment. Keeping your head down against the bench will help you maintain proper form.

2. Standing Barbell Curl: You just need a barbell and some weight plates.

3. Preacher Curls: You'll need to use a preacher curl bench for this exercise. The pad at the top of the preacher bench is there for a reason. It helps you to maintain a stationary position for your elbows as well as give you a stable base.

If you use dumbbells then the same rules apply. However, the only difference is that you will be working one arm for a set then switching to your second arm.

4. Seated / Standing Zottman Curls: Seated or standing zottman curls are one of the best bicep exercises for overall size and strength.

5. Spider Curls: You will need an incline bench and a set of dumbbells for this exercise. Adjust the incline bench so it's at a 60 to 70-degree angle. You will be face down on the bench with your arms hanging down to start.

6. Seated Dumbbell Curls: To begin this exercise grip a dumbbell in each hand and sit on the edge of a flat bench, letting your arms hang straight down beside you. With your palms facing forward curl the dumbbells up.

7. Concentration Curls: While seated on the edge of a flat bench, open out your legs like you are making a big "V" with your legs and lean slightly forward. Grip a DB, one arm at a time and make sure your palm is pointing up.

You need to concentrate on the contraction of the biceps and on strict form to make the exercise effective.

8. Seated / Standing Hammer Curls: You can do this exercise standing or by using a rope and a high pulley cable. You will be doing the exercise in a thumbs up position.

What Bicep Exercises Do You Use?

Do you use any unique and effective bicep exercises in your program? What was your experience with these bicep exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain bicep exercises? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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