Your Best Cellulite Treatments

Unfortunately even the so-called best cellulite treatments you see give very poor results at best.

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They may be popular because of good marketing but that’s it. But we’ll provide you with the facts so you can make an informed decision.

It's a fact that there are hundreds of different companies manufacturing and promoting all types of anti cellulite treatment options that claim to be the best cellulite treatments money can buy.

Unfortunately you may find that it is just your bank account that is being reduced.

The best cellulite treatments, or most popular anyway, on the market include body wrapping, electronic muscle stimulation (or EMS), plastic surgery or using creams.

The 2 Best Cellulite Treatments

1. Body Wrapping:

Most health spas and numerous other businesses that cater to the "beauty" consumer offer a service known as body wrapping.

Body wrapping uses special wraps or clothing in conjunction with lotions to help reduce inches around the problem areas. Promoters of this method claim its one of the best cellulite treatments and only takes an hour or so.

Yes you may lose water through sweating but that's got nothing to do with fat or cellulite reduction. There is a lot more to cellulite than excess water.

Some body wrapping products are made of simple plastic materials while others are rubber. You would wear this type of product over all your cellulite problem areas. There are even some body wrap products that use an inflation process from a vacuum or hair dryer.

Almost all medical, weight loss, fitness and anti aging experts are in total agreement that this type of cellulite reduction treatment will only cause a reduction in water weight due to sweating.

Not sure how this can be considered to be one of the best cellulite treatments but some swear by it. Too much of a reduction in body fluids can have drawbacks such as dehydration and unbalanced electrolyte levels.

The good spas out there know about this and other possible dangers so make sure you check out the best ones if this is something that you are going to try.

There may be some benefits to body wrapping other than a cellulite treatment such as: a rejuvenating experience; you may feel very rested, relaxed and refreshed.

Simply stated...your Best Cellulite Treatments include exercise and nutrition.

2. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

There are primarily 2 types of electric muscle stimulation equipment. One sends an electrical current to specific parts of your body while the other is a massage device.

Although electric muscle stimulation has been used for approved medical procedures for a long time it's relatively new as one of your best cellulite treatments.

Medical uses include:

  • To improve blood circulation
  • The prevention of blood clots
  • To reduce muscle spasms
  • Muscle rehabilitation following a stroke

Some companies that manufacture and sell electric muscle stimulation equipment will tell you that it can be used one of your best cellulite treatments but there is no medical or scientific proof that it does.

These machines are used in the following way:

You position electrodes on the specific problem areas (muscle groups) you're targeting. A mild electric current is sent to the electrodes causing your muscles to contract.

Manufacturers say that it may be possible to duplicate regular exercise using this type of product. It would be nice if it actually worked as good as exercise but the fact remains that it doesn't, especially as far as the best cellulite treatments go.

The next type of electric muscle stimulation equipment is a type of massage product. It is made up of a hand held piece with 2 rollers that can be adjusted and a suction part.

Unfortunately there's just not enough long-term information on this product to determine if it is legitimate for cellulite.

When it comes to the best cellulite treatments it's definitely buyer beware.

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