The Best Exercise Equipment For You

Here you’ll find the best exercise equipment reviews to help you succeed. We've been testing and researching exercise equipment for many decades.

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This includes cardio, weight machine, free weight and infomercial exercise equipment. We have a vast amount of experience and have extensively studied almost every type and brand of exercise equipment you can imagine.

Please add your own exercise equipment reviews near the bottom of this page. It doesn’t matter if you use commercial or home made exercise equipment, let everyone know about it, how you use it, what benefits you get from it, etc.

There are thousands of types of exercise equipment from hundreds of different manufacturers, so how are you to know what to use?

For it to be the best exercise equipment for you, it has to be specific to your individual needs and depends on your ability and your health, fitness and anti aging goals.

Popular Infomercial Exercise Equipment

Most of the equipment that falls into this category concerns your abdominals. You do not need equipment to develop your abs. Where you are lacking is in your diet and fitness program.

Ab crunch machines along with those electronic belts you see advertised are a waste of time and money. You get results by performing exercises to develop 6 Pack Abs.

The Best Exercise Equipment For Home Gyms

It is affordable for most to pay a monthly fee and join a gym, however, it is not as convenient as having a good selection of the best exercise equipment to use at home.

With a home gym you can work out whenever you want to and never have to wait for someone else to finish using the equipment.

One of the most popular types of home gyms are bowflex models. You can check out more detained information in our Bowflex Reviews section.

Let’s review some of the pros and cons of working out at home.

Home gym equipment will cost you about the same as a few years-worth of gym dues. So depending on how extravagant you are, you will have it all paid off and in the long run will same a large amount of money.

Most home gyms are build good enough to last a lifetime so it can be a great investment.


Treadmills are considered by many to be the best exercise equipment and will help people who love to walk or run reach their fitness goals.

A treadmill is probably the most convenient piece of exercise equipment you could use. You can run on it, jog or walk depending on your abilities and goals. You can also do all of this while watching television.

Exercise Bikes:

Exercise bikes are popular in commercial gyms and for people who like to do their Fitness Training At Home.

Some are comfortable while the cheaper ones may cause some lower back issues.

Exercise bikes as with other types of Cardio Exercise Equipment will help to improve your over-all cardiovascular health and will help you lose some extra body fat as well.


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Elliptical Trainers:

Elliptical Exercise Equipment will give you some advantages over other types of equipment for fat loss.
This is because it is designed to involve both your upper body and lower body muscle groups at the same time. The more muscle you use - the more calories you will burn.

Elliptical exercise equipment is what is known as low-impact. There is very little impact on your knees, hips or ankles making it a preferred choice for those with minor joint problems.

Life Cycle Exercise Equipment is a very good brand and produces equipment for commercial gyms and for use at home.

On other sections we’ll take a look at different types of Weight Lifting Equipment, both for commercial gyms and at home, such as free weights, Smith Machine Exercise Equipment and exercise equipment accessories.

Tell Us About Your Exercise Equipment

Do you currently, or have you ever, used the type of exercise equipment mentioned on this page? What has been your experience with this type of equipment? What exercise equipment do you like the best or like the least? Tell us why you feel this way.

Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share your story and let others know what equipment to avoid or to invest in!

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