Before Buying A Bowflex Elite You Need To Read This

Retail exercise equipment stores are the primary sellers of the bowflex elite. This bowflex model is not listed on the manufacturers’ main website but is very popular and there are a lot of them out there.

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The elite model of the popular bowflex comes with 310lbs of resistance but it can be upgraded to 410lbs, an adaptable bar for chest exercises and some other options such as the leg attachments, lat pulldown tower, squat station, etc.

A lot of people claim that using a bowflex, any model of bowflex, is just like using free weights.

This is not true and is a completely inaccurate statement for anyone to make.

There is nothing that can compare to free weights.

Even though the bowflex elite and all other bowflex models are not "fixed" as solid as general weight lifting machines - they do not offer the same advantages as free weights.

Now with that being said, the bowflex elite will allow for some resistance to your smaller assistor and stabilizer muscles that a normal home gym or weight lifting machine won't.

We have done many bowflex reviews over the years and in fact a number of our most extensive bowflex reviews can be found on this health and fitness website.

Now, this bowflex is well designed, as all bowflex models are, and it's easy to change from one exercise to another fairly quick. It's comfortable to use but the resistance isn't as smooth as you would expect.

As you start to perform an exercise it starts out with little resistance and then gets tougher the more the rods bend. This isn't exactly what you want because you need proper resistance throughout the entire motion and range of each rep of an exercise.

Issues With The Bowflex Elite

bowflex elite

Most people will find that the leg attachment does not offer enough resistance.

Other down-side of this model is that although you can fold the bench up for storage, it's not an easy task.

If you are serious about using bowflex exercise equipment it would be suggested that you set aside some space for it to be permanently set-up and not worry about folding it away.

It does fold up, but it's very heavy and awkward to do.

Also leaving it set up completely will also ensure you use it more. Bowflex exercise equipment is supposed to be portable, but it's not easy to roll around or move especially on carpet.

All bowflex models, including the elite are highly marketed and well-known but that doesn't mean they are your best option for exercising at home.

There are many fitness, weight loss, etc. alternatives to the bowflex elite that are a fraction of the cost, take up less space, are build more solid but work just as good.

People see the many benefits and features the various bowflex models provide and for this reason it's become very popular, even if it isn't your best choice for home weight lifting equipment.

There are many advantages to the bowflex including the fact that it is fairly safe, you can perform a lot of different exercises with one machine, it allows for a decent range of motion (with most exercises) and it doesn't take up much room.

But, bowflex exercise equipment is expensive and still won't give you the same workout as free weights and some other types of home gyms. It can however, help you a great deal if you have some space and do exercise at home.

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Do you currently, or have you ever, used the Bowflex mentioned on this page? What has been your experience with this type of equipment? What do you like the best or like the least? Tell us why you feel this way.

Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share your story and let others know what equipment to avoid or to invest in!

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