The Bowflex Extreme

The bowflex extreme is a decent choice if you want to purchase a home gym to get into shape. You may not want to buy a gym membership because of your daily schedule, time commitments, etc.

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But before running out and buying a bowflex in the hopes that it will meet your needs you need to read over our bowflex reviews.

First off, there are cheaper bowflex machines out there. Some can give you close to the identical workout, but for less money.

The bowflex extreme, as with most bowflex home gyms, is well built and quite solid.

It's not a perfect machine but few home gyms are.

Over-all it's convenient and easy to use but costs a fair bit.

Benefits Of The Bowflex Extreme

bowflex extreme

This particular model does have many positive features and benefits, including:

  • You can perform over 60 different exercises on it. This means that you can get a complete body workout, use a maximum amount of muscle therefore burn more calories.

  • 210 pounds of resistance comes with it but you can upgrade to 410 pounds. Being able to add weight is a good option because most people will find that 210 lbs is not enough. It might sound like a lot but it's not, especially for leg exercises.

  • Lat tower. While a lat tower is a good option for most, you may find that using free weights and doing pull-ups for your back and shoulder muscles is better.

  • An upper and lower pulley and squat station. A must for proper and complete development of your legs.

  • It's easily adjusted and is quite comfortable.

  • It has a reinforced base to provide for added stability.

  • It's compact in size which is very important when selecting a home gym. You don't want to spend a couple thousand dollars on something then get it home and find out that you don't have enough space.

  • It comes with multiple cable/pulley positions.

  • The power rods come with a lifetime warranty.

  • And, it has a 7-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Over-all the warranty is one of the best you will find in a home gym.

Many visitors to our site have used the bowflex extreme and mentioned that they did see positive results but maybe not to the level they had hoped for.

As with most home gyms you will see some results as long as you stick with it and follow proper nutritional guidelines.

However, if you want more dramatic results in a much quicker time you are going to have to use a more effective alternative to the bowflex extreme and use a much better over-all fitness program.

This would require going to a gym instead. Determine your goals and make your decision based on that.

Hopefully our Bowflex Reviews will help you have a better understanding on how to make a decision that is best for your particular needs.

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