Bowflex Is Excellent Exercise Equipment But They Have Lousy Customer Service

by Rick Graves
(St. Catharines, Ontario)

I purchased the Bowflex Extreme 2 which, at the time, was the top of the line exercise equipment.

This was an over the phone purchase in which we requested the top of the line with EVERYTHING included.(ab attachment, mat, video etc. as seen on T.V.) We were advised to order right away as prices would be increasing and shipping time would rise considerably if we waited at all.

As an additional incentive we were offered free shipping on another 100 lbs. in weight to do so and agreed. Over 1 yr. later, after numerous rude and frustrating phone calls we have still not received our order completely.

I strongly urge anyone wanting a bowflex not to order direct, but rather purchase through local dealers. The cost is usually close, sometimes lower when shipping is factored in. Once you order direct, it is almost impossible to return.(Brings new meaning to, "always read the fine print").

For just over $3,200.00, one would think such a large company would give the customer a couple parts, probably around $50-100 their cost to satisfy them and receive positive referrals in return. But what am I thinking, that might be money off someone commission.


by Kathy (Canada)

I purchased a BowFlex Xtreme 2 after I shattered my femur skiing. I knew I would need a lot of exercising to get back to normal. Due to the injury I was not able to exercise for over a year.

Having the bowflex in my basement has been a blessing, I use it every other day and it is helping my leg get stronger. I plan on trying skiing again this winter, I still have about 2 months to do exercises before the slopes open.

I think using the bowflex has really help strengthen my leg. When you break your femur you also cause injury to your muscles and with my bowflex I am working these muscles hard and getting them strong again.

I would recommend the bowflex to others.

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