The Bowflex Motivator Reviewed

The bowflex motivator is one of the cheaper models made by bowflex. Like most, you may have decided it is time to tone up and get in better physical shape and improve your health.

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But will you be satisfied with this particular home gym, or should you be considering something that may be a little more expensive but in the long run gives you greater benefits?

Here are some of the features of the motivator along with a brief explanation of each point:

bowflex motivator
  • The bowflex motivator enables you to do 55 different exercises.

The question is: Will these 55 exercises do what you want? The answer: Probably not.

Here's why...

On all types of home gyms you can do a few dozen exercises but very few of those exercises are beneficial.

55 exercises on the bowflex motivator may sound like a lot but when only a few will give you the results you need, leaving all the others totally ineffective, then 55 exercises really is not a benefit.

  • As with most home gyms, the bowflex motivator comes with a lat pull-down tower.

This is a standard addition but is not unique. It does help to exercise your lats (upper back) fairly well, but no better than any other home gym.

  • It comes with a leg extension and leg curl attachment.

While leg extensions and curls are decent exercises, they are secondary in effectiveness to squats, leg press, lunges, etc.

Leg extensions and leg curls should be used at the end of your leg routine and not be primary exercises for your legs.

  • As with most bowflex units this one comes standard with 210 pounds of weight resistance.

You can upgrade it to either 310 or 410 pounds. If you are relatively strong to start with, you'll find that 210 pounds just isn't enough for most exercises.

  • This version comes with a vinyl bench.

This is one area that definitely needs an upgrade. You may find the bench to be uncomfortable,

  • You can fold it up so and roll it away for easy storage.

To tell you the truth, it's a real pain to always have to fold it up and put it away. You'd be better off making sure you have the space for it first, then set it up and leave it there.

Also, if it's always out and ready for you to start exercising you're more likely to use it on a consistent basis. The last thing you'll feel like doing after a hard day is to pull out and unfold and set up a home gym, even before you can start.

  • The power rods (the bowflex weight resistance technology) do come with a good life time warranty.

Weight stacks and some others weight / resistance set-ups on other types of home gyms do not have a warranty this good.


The Bowflex Motivator Warranty...

The warranty that comes with it covers only the basic materials, construction, parts, etc. and it`s only a 2 year warranty.

This is not a good feature because health and fitness is a lifestyle change. You won't exercise for a couple years then stop. What do you do after 2 years if the frame on the bowflex motivator cracks?

While this is one of the cheaper models, it's still over priced for the type of workout you get.

It may be good if you aren't looking for drastic results to begin with.

But if you are looking at improving your health, burning off noticeable body fat and / or building lean muscle in order to achieve the best anti aging results possible... may be better off looking through our Bowflex Reviews for a more suitable option or some other brand of home gym altogether.

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