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Below are bowflex reviews that cover the most interesting areas of bowflex exercise equipment, including cost, safety and effectiveness.

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Is the success of the bowflex brand due to excessive marketing or do they actually work? The reviews here will hopefully answer that question for you.

The reviews and information of specific bowflex models (further down this page) will help you to determine just how different the bowflex is compared to it's main competition and from conventional home gyms and weight lifting equipment.

You can read through bowflex reviews that have been submitted by visitors like you. They are at the bottom of this page.

The first problem with the bowflex is that not all models will give you a total body workout.

The lower priced one's don't have back or leg attachments. This means that in order to make it worthwhile for your best anti aging options you would have to buy one of the expensive models.

Most bowflex models work good and are well built. They are also safer than a lot of free weight options and have a decent ability to work your muscles in the same manner as free weights…well sort of.

6 Bowflex Reviews

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Depending on what model of bowflex you're looking at, you can get a lot more exercises than you can with much of the competition.

Another point to mention is that you can fold a bowflex up when you're not using it so it takes up less room in your house. As you know there aren't many homes nowadays that can afford to have exercise equipment taking up a complete room.

Most bowflex models allow for a greater range of motion than other home gyms that are available.

One big difference between the bowflex brand and much of the competition is the price. Depending on which model of bowflex you're looking at, it can cost you up to 7 times the cost of another. But you get what you pay for...

So, one thing you can take from the bowflex reviews here, is the cost.

Would you rather buy an expensive home gym or save $1700.00 or more and get the same workout with other pieces of exercise equipment?

One of the complaints often heard about concerning the bowflex has been from taller individuals. Many people who are 6' tall and over say that it is somewhat awkward to use the bowflex. So keep that in mind if you're looking for one.

These bowflex reviews are a starting point - you need proper fitness planning in order to succeed.

You also need to be able to effectively use the information here to determine your exact needs, make a decision on the equipment you need then use that equipment properly and consistently to reach your goals.

Don’t forget to add your own bowflex reviews below.

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XTLU...Good Stuff...Worth Every Penny If You Use It 
I've had my bowflex for about 8 years now and used it regularly, with time off for injuries unrelated to the Bowflex. I'm not about bulking up (since I …

Bowflex Is Excellent Exercise Equipment But They Have Lousy Customer Service 
I purchased the Bowflex Extreme 2 which, at the time, was the top of the line exercise equipment. This was an over the phone purchase in which we requested …

Larrys Bowflex Xtreme 2 Review 
I do a great deal of working out on my is very effective. However, it is far inferior to free weights and is over-priced. The so called …

My Bowflex Motivator 2 Was Exactly What I Needed 
I've always exercised, pretty much daily for all of my adult life. So I am pretty fit. In the last 10 or so years, I've needed to add strength training …

Basic Bowflex Motivator 
I have owned a Bowflex Motivator for 9 years and have used it extensively. I have also worked out on free weights and just about every type of equiptment …

Bowflex Works For Me 
I have a Bowflex because at 57 years old I decided it was time to make an attempt to get in some sort of shape. I bought the Bowflex Extreme because …

Three Bowflex Exercise Machines For Me 
I do not work for Bowflex or any other fitness companies, nor sell exercise equipment. The fact that I like the Bowflex does not mean others will. Does …

My Bowflex Experience 
To begin with, a little bit of information about me, My name is Fredrick, I'm 46 years old. a couple of years ago, I looked in the mirror and I did not …

Lost 55 Pounds In 7 Months With My Bowflex 
I used a bowflex for 7 month's and lost 55 LB's I never felt so good, and I didn't start the program till I was in my mid 40's, I think I was actually …

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