4 Different Bowflex Ultimate Models

The bowflex ultimate comes in four different versions. What is the difference between all them besides the price?

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This bowflex is one of the better quality home gyms available. The models are the XTLU, XLU, XTU and the one known as just the Ultimate.


The first version of we'll take a look at is the XTLU. Keep in mind that all versions do come with a 10 year warranty, which in itself is very valuable.

This model comes with the ability to perform over 90 different resistance (weight lifting) exercises. This is an important aspect especially if you are looking to burn body fat and increase your lean muscle.

The more muscle you use during your workout, the more fat you're going to burn.

With the ability to do over 90 different exercises, it's the bowflex ultimate XTLU that will give you the most variety in your workout.

The XTLU also comes standard with a fairly decent Lat pulldown attachment. It also comes with a low pulley / squat station to enable you to work your glutes, hip flexors and quads.

This version is equipped with almost everything you'd want it a home gym. You still won't build the type of body you could using free weights (regardless of what the commercials say) but all-in-all it's a decent piece of equipment.

The bowflex ultimate XTLU measures: Height: 6' 11" Length: 8' 2" Width: 4' 2". Make sure you have at least an extra 3 feet in length, 3 feet in width, and at least ½ foot of clearance for the height, over the dimensions.

Far too often people will rush out and buy exercise equipment only to find out after they've pulled it out of the boxes that it doesn't fit where they want it too.

Expect to pay approximately $39 / month over a few years for this one.


The next is the bowflex ultimate XLU. It's basically a small step down from the XTLU. It offers fewer exercises, 85 in total.

For the most part you will be able to work the same muscle groups in the same manner as you would with the bowflex ultimate XTLU.

There are very few differences between the two, except that the XTLU above comes with the leg extension / leg curl attachment.

Like all the ultimate models, this version comes with 310 pounds of weight resistance and you can upgrade to 410 pounds if you find you need more.

This version is also somewhat smaller than the XTLU, measuring: Height: 6' 11" Length: 5' 10" Width: 4' 2"

You can still expect to pay about the same $39 / month, as you would with the XTLU, but with less monthly payments.


The third one is the XTU. This one is the same as the most basic version of the ultimate below except that it comes with a leg extension / leg curl attachment.

You can do a few more exercises with this version than with the basic version discussed below, but one exercise you won’t be able to do is  the lat pulldown.

Since no bowflex comes with a pull-up station your back is one area that's going to suffer with this model. If you buy the XTU, it would also be suggested to add some free weights so you can work your upper back properly.

The XTU will cost you the same as the XLU, approximately $39 / month for the same time period.

The Cheapest Bowflex Ultimate

The final model is simply known as the bowflex ultimate. This is the cheapest version but many are not convinced it's worth it.

It's missing some key "ingredients"…most noticeably there's no lat pull-down station and no leg extension / leg curl attachment.

This may be fine if you're just looking to maintain your current physical conditioning and health, but if you're in need of a home gym that will change your physique and improve your anti aging efforts, this one probably won’t do it.

You'd be better off going with the XTLU.

The cost of this one is still going to be around $39 / month, but will cost you the least amount of money (less payments) out of all of the bowflex ultimate models.

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