Burning Fat Is Hard For Me Because I Have Hypothyroid

I understand that good fat burning requires you to be able to increase your metabolism. Unfortunately, a few years ago I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid. The medication I'm on never seems to be working properly, and the doctor is prescribing higher doses every six months or so.

I walk and run three to five times a week, lift weights twice a week but my diet can be much better than what it is. Besides my thyroid medication and the exercise I'm doing is there anything else that can help me burn fat and feel better overall?


Most thyroid medication rarely improves a person's metabolism due to the body's adjustment of the endogenous thyroid hormone production in response to synthetic drugs. It usually helps your metabolism slow its decline. You actually answered your own question.

Your diet can be much better than what it currently is. When it comes to burning fat the diet is the most important factor in a person's metabolism, with muscle mass maintaining a close second. One of the things you should do to improve your diet is to make sure you eat a lean protein, starchy carbs, and fibrous carbs four to five times each day, reducing sugar and saturated fat intake and minimizing intake of refined flours.

You should also replace some of your cardio training for weight training. Try performing weight training sessions up to three or four times each week. If you add a bit of muscle and get your body more efficient at burning fat through supportive meals you should improve.


Fat Burning By Training And Eating Correctly

by Todd Turner (Birmingham, MI)

Women (and men) can benefit greatly from strength training. Women genetically carry more body fat than men and as we get older our metabolism starts to slow down along with muscle loss. We can reverse that by strength training and that doesn't mean body building or "bulking" up as many believe.

Strength training, when done properly can result in body changes which include fat burning, gain of strength and muscle as well as a gain in bone density. Too many "fitness" gym and personal trainers like to sell you garbage, but I believe it all comes back to you when you are honest with people and try to help them out without looking for something in return

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