Calisthenics Exercises Will Work For You

Calisthenics exercises work as good as any other. Calisthenic training can be changed very easily to suit your individual anti aging and fitness training needs.

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It is recommended that you use a training partner to get the most out of your calisthenics workouts. At least for some of the exercises.

A partner will provide motivation and support and you can use your training partners body weight as added resistance. Most partner assisted calisthenics exercises are used to increase your strength and muscle size.

Partner Assisted Calisthenics Exercises

Calisthenics Exercises for Chest, Shoulders & Arms

Front push-ups:

You should be in the push up position. Your partner will grab your ankles and lift up to hip level. You will do the push-ups keeping your body straight throughout.

Push-up walks also known as wheelbarrows:

You should be in a rest position while your partner grabs your ankles and lifts up to hip level. You then walk on your hands. You can also do this exercise with your arms bent.

Back or side push-ups:

You will be in the back or side push-up position while your partner will grab your ankles and lift up to approximately thigh/hip level. Now, you will do a backwards push-up with both arms or a side push-up with just a single arm.

Backwards push-up walk:

To begin you will be in the back push-up position while your partner will grab around the ankles and lift up to hip level. You will then walk backwards on your hands.

Handstand push-ups:

You will get in a handstand position while your partner will grasp around your ankles in order to balance you. You will then bend and straighten arms performing a handstand push-up.

Resistance calisthenics exercises for your arms:

To begin you will lie on your back on the floor while your partner adds resistance against the movement of your arms up and towards the head, down towards the hips and straight out from body.

You can apply this pressure or resistance in both directions. As an example; resistance can be used against your arms while they are extended outwards and pushing towards the floor or while your arms are extended outwards and pulling to the middle of your body.

A quick note before continuing...

Make sure that your nutrition plan is on track to get the most out of these Calisthenics Exercises.

Calisthenics Exercises for Your Back

Trunk drops from a bench position:

To begin, you will go down your knees with both hands behind your head while your partner will grasp your ankles. Then you will lower your trunk until your forehead touches the ground. Then return to the start position.

Arm raises from a bench position:

To begin, you will kneel down with both hands extended above your head while your partner grabs your ankles. Then you will bring both hands to the side and back to the start position.

Calisthenics Exercises For Your Abdomen

Trunk lifts:

To begin you will lie on your back with both hands behind your head. Both feet are held by your partner at approximately hip level, then you will raise and lower your head and trunk.

Trunk twisters and trunk side bends:

To begin you start in a fireman's carry position carrying your partner on your shoulders. While having both feet shoulder-width apart you will twist to right and then to left. You can also bend from the waist to the right and left.

Calisthenics Exercises For Your Hips, Legs And Calves

Two-person squat:

For the 2-man squat both you and your partner will stand with your backs to each other leaning into the others body. Now, at the same time you will both squat until your quads (thighs) are parallel to floor. Both of you will then return to the starting position while keeping your backs touching.

One-legged squat:

Start from a standing position. Your partner will hold your one leg and the opposite arm. You will then do a squat until the thigh of your bent leg is parallel to the floor. Return to the start and repeat.

Fireman squats and lunges:

For this exercise your will hold your partner in a normal fireman's carry. While using your partner's weight for resistance, do a squat until your quads (thighs) are parallel to the floor and then return to a standing position.

Resistance Exercises – Legs:

You will lie on your back on the floor or stand upright. Your partner will apply resistance as you move your bent leg down towards the floor or up towards your chest.

Fireman toe raises:

Hold your partner in a fireman's carry and while using your support partner's weight for resistance, go up on your toes and then lower yourself down.

Push-up / squat:

This exercise is performed with one partner in a leaning rest with both feet resting on top of the shoulders of partner number two. The lead partner will then bend both arms into a push-up position while the second partner bends both legs into a squat position. Both of you will then return to the start position together. Afterwards switch positions.

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