Cardio For Core Abdominal Health

by Kerry

Running and cycling!

I've spend the best part of my teenage years doing sit ups for hours at a time in front of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel when I got home from work at night, nothing happened, well not a lot, I think my posture got a little better and of course I was burning some calories - still this did not give me the sleek, sexy toned stomach that I'd always wanted!!!!

So I did what most people do and gave up......I gave up exercising properly for a long time and plunged into a cycle of fad dieting and starving myself, interjected with the odd few sit ups and maybe a cycle ride here and there, needless to say, I spent my 23-25th years bloated, fat and feeling very low on self esteem.

Then I moved to Oxford and was working for the Police Force, I decided to get fit and try to become a regular officer, as luck would have it a friend I worked with was very very clued up on Heath and Fitness and Nutrition (he worked on his days off as a personal fitness instructor) he showed me that running, cycling and swimming were all you needed to get the figure you wanted.

Unfortunately I fell pregnant before I could try out to become a regular officer, but I did achieve a very streamlined, sexy shape from all that cardio.

After having my daughter, I spent 6 months just recuperating from the birth, then once the doctor gave me the all clear I strapped my little girl into my 3 wheeled buggy and when for a good long run! It took me only 8 months to get my flat stomach back (actually I have a little lose skin, but that's just a trophy to show my achievement in making a new life) and I was referred to on holiday as a 'yummy mummy'!

In my thirties, I'm much more confident in my figure than I ever was and all I do is run 25 miles per week, cycle 25 and do 2 40 minute swimming sessions - I know it sounds a lot but it really isn't and if I can fit it around my busy life-style (single, working mum) then anyone can do it!!!

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