Which Cellulite Treatment Methods Really Work?

Are you looking for cellulite treatment methods? A lot of women and men are. Yes, men can suffer from cellulite as well.

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Everyone looks for the best anti aging methods that will make them look younger or more attractive. Unfortunately, this will lead many to fall victim to marketing messages and cellulite myths that you'll find here.

The word cellulite strikes fear in hundreds of thousands of people each year. It sends them running to the store for a bottle of cellulite lotion.

Cellulite and more importantly, cellulite treatment methods and how to cure cellulite has become a very popular and controversial in health, fitness and anti aging. Cellulite lotion is one of the most sought after products on the market.

Even with more research into cellulite there has been very little success when it comes to being able to cure cellulite other than fitness and nutrition. Your best Cellulite Treatment Methods still combine regular exercise and supplementation.

Does Cellulite Lotion Work?

Before taking a look a any cellulite lotion products and if they work or not, let’s answer the question...What is cellulite?

A fashion magazine of the past actually was the first to come up with the word cellulite.

Decades ago The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) made a statement stating that cellulite is not a known medical condition.

Cellulite is the fatty deposits under your skin that gives your skin an appearance of being dimpled look to it.

Women will suffer from cellulite at higher percentage than men because a womans fat is arranged in different chambers separated by collagen fibers.

Fibrous strands of tissue connect your skin to deeper tissue layers. This produces areas of fatty cells. When these fat cells get bigger the areas containing the fact cells will increase causing the above mentioned appearance in your skin.

As far as studies have shown, no cellulite lotion can take care of this issue.

Obese or even over-weight people are the only ones who will suffer from unsightly cellulite, right?

That’s what you’d think, isn't it?

But the fact is that even clinically obese people are not guaranteed to see any cellulite on their body. A lot of obese people show no signs of cellulite at all.

If you are in decent physical shape you can still have cellulite!

Cellulite is genetic so it doesn't mean you'll see any cellulite on your body or have to think about cellulite treatment methods such as cellulite lotion if you’re thin or clinically obese.

It comes down to hormones, pregnancy, aging, etc. that help to promote the build-up of cellulite in your body. If you have cellulite you’ll notice more on your hips, butt and/or thighs.

It isn’t as noticeable when you’re younger because you have thicker skin during those years. As you age your skin becomes thinner and therefore the cellulite will become noticeable.

What are the Best Cellulite Treatments then?

Popular Cellulite Treatment Methods And Myths

Only women can suffer from unsightly cellulite:

This is a myth. Men world-wide suffer from cellulite and thousands each year seek out the very same cellulite treatment methods as women.

There are many great cellulite burning exercises:

It doesn't matter if you are physically fit or clinically obese. You can still develop cellulite, so therefore there are no such things as cellulite burning exercises.

However if you are fit you will have a lower body fat level and be less likely to have fat deposits that turn into cellulite. So exercise and stay fit.

If you drink an excessive amount of water you'll be able to reduce your cellulite:

This myth has been around since the term cellulite first became popular. Water intake has nothing to do with cellulite and will not make any difference.

Liposuction is one of the best cellulite treatment methods:

Actually it is not one of the best cellulite treatment methods. Because of the fibrous tissue that causes cellulite, by taking out the fat under the skin, you can end up with a "honeycomb" appearance.

However, ultrasonic liposuction may be able to eliminate this honeycomb effect to a certain degree.

If you eat a nutritious diet you'll avoid cellulite build up:

You of course should always eat healthy but to date there is not any food that will prevent or treat cellulite.

Not even the best cellulite lotion is one of the best cellulite treatment methods and to get rid of this problem permanently.

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