You Need Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins

You and everyone else for that matter.

Cholesterol lowering vitamins are critical for maintaining optimum health and are the key to lowering your bad cholesterol level.

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They are 'a must' in your anti aging arsenal.

Unfortunately dangerous drugs are widely prescribed for this health issue but you should not use them and you can avoid them.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes cholesterol.

Heart disease in general kills more people than any other aliment. Even worse, it seems to kill a lot of people that you would think are healthy, at least healthy on the outside.

Regardless of your age, high cholesterol can creep up on you.

It doesn't matter how active you are or if you look healthy. You can still have dangerously high cholesterol levels. This is a proven fact!

Even if you follow good eating and exercising habits there's no guarantee that you'll have the right cholesterol levels.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins

Do you know what cholesterol really is? Surprisingly a lot of people do not.

You need some cholesterol to maintain optimum health and it goes a long way to help with your hormones, your cells and nerves.

There are two different types of cholesterol the LDL cholesterol and the HDL cholesterol. The LDL type is the bad one and the HDL is the good one.

The LDL takes cholesterol to your cells but the HDL removes the excess cholesterol from your blood and takes it to your liver to discard.

Your arteries will fill up with cholesterol deposits if you have too much LDL. This can cause a heart attack or stroke. This can also happen if you do not have enough HDL in your system.

Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins Explained

Pharmaceutical companies state that they have a pill or tablet that will reduce your high cholesterol. However it has been proven that a number of these drugs are far too dangerous and have too many side effects for most people to take.

If you exercise you will build up what are known as free radicals. They trigger a lot of harm to your body including increasing your bad cholesterol levels. They must be controlled and it doesn't matter if you are healthy or not, they affect everyone the same.

Cholesterol Lowering Vitamins actually help in lowering cholesterol naturally and take care of the free radicals before they negatively affect your body.

Are You At Risk?

Yes you are!

The media seems to think that everyone who has a cholesterol problem got that way because they are obese and eat nothing but fast food and any other cheap junk food they can get their hands on.

This is totally false.

The quantity of bad cholesterol flowing around in your bloodstream hardly has anything to do with your diet at all. It has more to do with genetics.

Using cholesterol lowering supplements will help to ensure good long-term heart health and great anti aging benefits.

The Cholesterol And Food Connection

Food by itself cannot control your cholesterol like you may think.

Do not worry if you have a few eggs now and then they have very little effect on your cholesterol levels. It is your liver that is responsible for making the extra cholesterol that is in your arteries.

There are a couple choices available to you to help lower and control your cholesterol.

The first alternative promoted by drug companies are known as "statins". Statins however, have been shown to cause additional health problems. These drugs have been found to cause injury to the liver, exhaustion, stomach problems, constipation and many other issues.

And they do not increase your good cholesterol levels.

The second and much better option is to use vitamins to lower cholesterol.

Cholesterol lowering vitamins do not have any known side effects and have been shown to work better than the popular drugs.

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