Donkey Kick Butt Exercises

by Anahi
(Los Angeles)

I did this particular exercise for a year followed by squats and lunges (with weights) and my butt grew A LOT..

I already had a somewhat round butt however this exercise made it even bigger, firmer and so round everywhere I walked I had stares from both sexes. Sooo many compliments it makes you feel good and proud for your accomplishment.

This is how to do this butt exercise...

1. Get on the floor in a doggy position( like if you are doing push ups but with your knees touching the floor)

2. Now start with either the left or right leg n kick back like a donkey would. I would kick back but at the sametime raise my leg up like if I wanted to kick up at the ceiling, I felt more tension on my butt that way.

3. I would do 5 sets of 20 reps and right away I would start either doing squats or lunges. Do this for both legs and with patience you'll start seeing results.

If anyone knows of a better more effective way to do this exercise I would gladly appreciated it if you could reply with your information here.

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