Excellent Thigh Exercises Give A Mother Of 3 Her Hot Body And High Spirit Back Part 2

by Joey


Hi Joey,

Me again! I would normally apologize for junkin up your inbox so much but everyday I'm almost overwhelmed by the results that are happening.

I did my measurements at the start of my journey three weeks ago. Today, before my workout, just out of curiosity I took my measurements again...and WOW was I very pleasantly surprised.

I've lost 1/2 inch of flab from each thigh and an inch of flab from both my waist and hips. I measured 3 times to make sure I was seeing it right! All of this in 3 weeks! And truth be told I have only had your program for just over a week.

After seeing those results I was looking forward to doing the work out even more, and I never thought the words "looking forward to" and "workout" would ever be in the same sentence. My goal is the trading my current size 6 jeans for the stack of size 4 I have sitting in my closet.

I thought I would never get back into them again and figured I would end up with some very good clothes for donation. Now, thanks to the magic of Joey, I know it's just a matter of time. No stopping there though, I’m looking forward to your other programs!

There is no way I could ever express how grateful I am to you for your dedication and continued support and for giving me the 'burn' I have become addicted to when doing your leg, butt, hip and thigh makeover...and "there's nothing wrong with that"...:) Lisa


- I love it - I love it - I Love it!

Keep it up Lisa - and keep me posted. I'm planning on putting you in my next book.


OK Joey,

Count me in! I haven't been this excited about a fitness program in......well EVER!


- OK - you are in!


Hi Joey,

Well I believe I am in week 4 and as the fatty pounds and flabby inches seem to be melting away and the cellulite is fading away, I think the thing I am surprised most at is the strength I have built up at what seemed to be overnight.

It wasn't until I was in the middle of your workout that I noticed the lunges weren't torture for me after 5 or so.
I actually got thru doing all 15 before I knew it and thought wow where did that come from. In the beginning just about any of the standing leg exercises about did me in and I was only doing the beginners versions.

Now without realizing I had progressed as much as I have, I'm blowing thru MOST of them doing the advanced version. (That low side shuffle still kicks my butt) I've started to notice that I'm feeling different muscles in my legs and butt being used then when I first started and wondered if that's a normal thing or if somehow my form has gotten a little off?

I'm completely impressed with the whole program. I also added a few of your tips for other areas and thanks to your beginner push ups I’m seeing a whole transformation in my upper body which was my weakest part. My next goal is to conquer my balance on one particular exercise so I don’t end up looking like I’m doing some twisted form of martial arts...LOL. Lisa


- Lisa - this is great stuff! Appreciate the feedback tremendously.

OK - give us some numbers now:

- Pounds lost

- Inches lost

- clothing size changes

And how about 'after photos' - are you ready yet - or maybe another month or two? Keep me posted.


OK Joey,

Here we go!!.....did my measurements today and I've officially lost 8 inches overall, down 9 pounds and am teetering on the edge of my size 6 being too big and my size 4 fitting the way I would like them to. I'm confident that in a month or two I will be ready for my after photos and hitting the beach in the bikini I've been eyeing.

I live literally a half a block from the Atlantic Ocean and plan on spending lots of time there this summer! I can't believe how the results start snowballing and everyday I see the transformation.

My strength continues to surprise me, my confidence is soaring, and the compliments are just affirmation that your program is everything you say it is and does exactly what you promise. As I've mentioned before I'm approaching 40 and have never felt better.

I've been on both extremes of the scale, both of which were extremely unhealthy and although my scale has seen smaller numbers I've never been this healthy or fit. What can I say? You are the answer I have been looking for and I wish I would have known your magic years ago.

I cringe thinking about all the insane diets and unhealthy pills, gadgets, and exercise programs I've tried over the years, not to mention the disgust and discouragement that I wasted soooo much energy on.

I’m not sure I have ever admitted this to myself let alone anyone else, but after literally being pregnant or having a baby every year for 10 years my body was a train wreck and I was so ashamed that my kids had a fat mom. I wanted them to be proud of me not embarrassed by how I looked.

It's amazing how you can look in the mirror everyday and never truly see how you have let yourself go. I see pictures of me back then and I want to crawl under a rock.

The absolute highlight of this journey with you was just recently, my 13 year old son gave me a hug (which at that age is amazing in itself!!) and pulled back and said WOW mom you're really skinny (what he really means is 'fit and firm'). Joey I owe this all to you and I could never put into words the deep appreciation and gratitude I have for you. I never intend to write a novel here but I truly could go on and on telling you how fantastic your program is. Thanks again Joey...


- Lisa - this is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for taking the time and energy to put your thoughts and experience into words - I am looking forward to your after photos and what you have to say at that point.

This is the kind of 'before and after' story that will inspire MANY women to take the same steps you have to overcome their challenges. There is NOTHING more powerful than seeing someone do what you are not sure can be done. Seeing is believing (in the 'self').

I have to share this in the newsletter and on the site as a 'during' story - or a success story in the making.
If it’s ok with you - I'd love to be able to include your name (city and state if ok with you) - because it makes your words 100 times more believable - (lots of skeptics out there have their guard up because they've been 'burned' in the past too) OK - let me know...And THANKS! again.


Yes Joey,
- Absolutely! Use whatever you need !

Here's my info...

Lisa Pohlmeier

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

You are a godsend and can't speak for everyone but the constant communication you provide makes this a journey I'm not going alone. I know you are there anytime I have a question or need support or encouragement and that makes ALL the difference in the world. It's the next best thing to having you in my living room right along with me.

And for the times I just don’t think I can muster up the energy to get thru or even get started doing the workout, I hear you saying what are you waiting for?

Your whole approach and compassion has made me push harder to get stronger, do the full set and get past the beginner stage. I know this may all sound corny but what you do is life changing, and you're there long after the exercise program arrives. That's incredible and that's where your commitment and passion for helping people truly comes through.

You are everyone's best friend in one of the most difficult challenges people face yet you make it very easy. Ok before this turns into some sappy novel...I'm wrapping it up but thank you a million times over.

After this ebooklet was created, Lisa sent me this message:

Joey, After reading the title of your latest email and for this ebooklet, I thought there is something I should clarify. If anyone has read my earlier posts to you, I said I have 3 children and the title for your case study says mother of six.

My whole intent for explaining this is I don't want anyone questioning the credibility of what information you share with them, like you said many skeptics who have been burned maybe be reading this so here it goes.

Hang with me while I try to piece this all together as short as possible. I actually am a mother to 3 wonderful children but as I told you I was pregnant or having babies every year for nearly 10 years. I have been pregnant 8 times which is a lot on a body to begin with.

Here's where it may get a little confusing or may tie the things I have said together.

I had 3 miscarriages fairly early on and 2 pregnancies unfortunately ended in stillbirths at 8 1/2 months and 7 months respectively. I was however blessed enough to have 2 boys and 1 girl who are fabulous and healthy. So when I tell you my body was a train wreck I was not exaggerating.

I just felt the need to set this straight. Your program has done a world of difference for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I had my first "a-ha" moment yesterday when for the first time I really saw the results people have been telling me they are seeing.

I saw the scale going down and the inches becoming smaller but it wasn't until I happened to catch a glance in the mirror at muscles I have never seen defined before and the cellulite keeps fading away – it will be gone very soon. It made me do a double take. I spent the next several minutes really looking at my transformation and can't even put into words how good I felt about myself.

As always, thank you is never enough, Lisa

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