What Is Your Exercise Motivation?

The exercise motivation tips on this page will give you some guidelines in choosing the right place for you so you can maximize your results.

Further down this page you will be able to find exercises for your entire body.

First however, let's take a look at your motivation to exercise and where to exercise.

If you decide to join a gym, choosing a good one can be a little tricky. If you just join one because it’s close to home or work, without taking other factors into account it could easily become a stumbling block for achieving success.

Yes, it must be convenient but in addition..

  • The staff has to be able to guide you properly
  • They should have a variety of exercise classes to fit your specific needs
  • You have to be comfortable there!

Understanding your own exercise motivation will separate you from the majority because you will learn to save time, money and energy.

You have the choice of exercising in your own home, a fitness center or some type of public workout facility. Maybe your work has its own facility. You decide and analyze for yourself what is best for you.

Exercise Motivation Step - #1

Your exercise facility should be close enough for you to get to it in fifteen minutes or less.

Ideally you should be able to clear your mind, get into your workout clothes, get to exercise location and be ready to do your first exercise, all within 15 minutes.

It will go a long way to keeping you consistent.

If it's even a little bit inconvenient you will be more likely to quit. You may be excited about exercising but if it's not convenient you will eventually become inconsistent.

Exercise Motivation Step - #2

Make sure there is someone there to advise you and to give you good direction. You can only succeed at anything with the help of others. This includes exercise.

Your fitness center should give you the proper instruction on how to exercise correctly. Make an appointment to have someone show you what to do and how to do it.

If you will be involved in Home Fitness Training you can get the information from a bunch of places. The Internet for one...like coming back to this website. Regardless of where, get some advice on the proper techniques and exercises you should be doing.

Motivation for Exercise Step - #3

Make sure that you have enough different equipment available so you can change your exercises now and then and not get bored.

Keep things fresh and you'll be motivated to take your success to the next level. If you only do the same exercises your body will get used to them, adapt and stop responding. Change your routine up now and then.

Example: If you bench press every week for your chest your body will get used to it movement and not build any new fibers. Instead do a dumbbell chest exercise after a couple weeks.

You can also confuse your muscles by doing your exercises in a different order each week. If you do bench press one week, do something different next week first and so on. Do this with every possible exercise and you will see better results.

Anything to break the monotony of what you’re doing.

Motivation for Exercise Step - #4

Exercise in a comfortable atmosphere.

This is so important! You should be comfortable with the look of the facility, the people there and the cleanliness of it.

Everyone is different and has different tastes. You may like to exercise somewhere that resembles a dungeon or nothing less than a castle. Either way you need to be around others who are friendly and considerate.

Negative people can make it hard to get a good workout. Get a feel for a location by spending a good half hour to 45 minutes looking around..

The key is to make sure you're comfortable there. If not, it will take away from your exercise motivation and discourage you from going.

Remember convenience is the number one exercise motivation factor. Once you start going wherever you choose, the facility will grow on you anyway increasing your exercise motivation. You eventually get comfortable and you really look forward to your workouts.

Just remember, your goal is to make exercise a part of your anti aging lifestyle.

If you workout at home create your own atmosphere and exercise motivation. Suit it to your own likes.

Just get started exercising somewhere soon. Once you do, your life will change, you'll feel better and you'll eventually, with a little commitment you'll get into the physical and mental shape you only just imagined you could get in.

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