6 Exercises For Back Fat Reduction

Before talking about exercises for back fat you need to realize that there are no exercises to lose back fat specifically. Your body will burn body fat at a constant rate from all over your body.

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Exercises For Back Fat

Your back is the largest muscle group in your upper body and therefore will burn a tremendous amount of calories because of the amount of muscle you are using in your exercises to lose back fat.

An added bonus is that you will burn body fat from all other parts of your body at a quicker rate. Adding lean muscle will increase your metabolism and keep your fat burning engine going when you’re not in the gym.

Exercises for back fat are great anti aging tools.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man or what your ultimate goals are…you need to use the best exercises to lose back fat or build muscle, on a regular and consistent basis.

You must use a variety of exercises in a specific manner. Keep in mind not all exercises you see someone doing in a gym may be the most efficient or safest.

In addition to doing various Exercises For Back Fat you need to use a comprehensive nutrition program to see the best anti aging, health and fitness results.

Effective Exercises For Back Fat Burning

# 1 - One-Arm Dumbbell Rows:

Using a flat bench put your right foot flat on the floor and your left knee resting on the bench. Then lean forward so that you are supporting your upper body with your left arm on the bench. Your back should be flat, parallel with the floor.

With a dumbbell in your right hand, tighten your abs as you lift the dumbbell. The dumbbell should end up roughly parallel with your torso.

Then slowly lower to the starting position and repeat. Complete the planned number of reps then switch arms.

# 2 - Barbell Back Rows:

This is one of the exercises for back fat that will give you the biggest gains in the shortest period of time.

With barbell back rows the above general information for one-arm dumbbell rows applies. Bend your knees slightly and bend over bar with back straight. Grasp bar with a wide overhand grip.

Pull bar to upper waist. Return until arms are extended and shoulders are stretched forward. Repeat.

# 3 - Neck Rows:

For this exercise for back fat you'll sit down on a seated row machine and grasp the ends of a rope attachment. Lean forward slightly from your hips until you feel a stretch in your lats, then pull your shoulders back while bending your arms.

Keep your elbows up so that your arms flare out to the sides.

# 4 - Back Extensions:

Position your body facing downwards on the back extension bench and make sure your lower legs (just below your calves) are comfortably under the pad. Your hips need to be past the end of the hip pad.

Place your arms across your chest with your hands resting on the opposite shoulder. Always make sure your head is kept straight in line with your back.

Start with your body bent forward. Now using your lower back and hamstrings, lift your upper body until it has reached a position that is in line with your legs and hips. Hold for a second then slowly bend your forward again.

# 5 - Wide Grip Lat Pull-down:

Grip the wide bar firmly with an over-hand grip. Pull the bar until it touches the top of your chest, arching your back slightly.

Exercises To Lose Back Fat

Focus on keeping your elbows directly below the bar. Pause briefly with the bar in position at the top of your chest, then slowly let the bar raise to the starting position.

# 6 - Seated Back Rows:

Sit down on the bench and grab onto the bar. Your legs should be slightly bent. Keep your back nice and straight throughout the entire motion and your head up.

The only part of your body that will be moving is your arms. Let your arms extend forward until you feel a comfortable stretch on your back muscles, then pull the handle toward your abdomen.

Allow the bar to touch your upper abdominal muscles. At this point finish the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades together.

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