Your Best Exercises For Triceps

Very specific exercises for triceps muscles can be very effective in creating a mind-blowing visual appearance and will go a long way to helping your entire upper body development.

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Exercises For Triceps

Which triceps exercise should be avoided and how should your triceps workout be performed for optimal results?

Your clothing really spotlights the development or lack-there-of, of your triceps muscles.

When you age, parts of your body will sag more and more and this is especially true for your arms. Triceps development is very important when it comes to your best anti aging options.

Regardless of your age or current level of fitness you can have great arms by incorporating the most effective exercises for triceps muscles into your triceps workout.

Your triceps muscles are primarily made up of three separate parts or heads:

  • Long head
  • Medial head
  • Lateral head

The main purpose of all three is extension of your elbow, but specific exercises for triceps will target each head in a different manner.

The medial and lateral heads perform most movements you make with your triceps muscles. The long head is used when it's pre-stretched.

You need to use Exercises For Triceps development along with the proper nutrition, that will increase both lean muscle and strength. This means you need to keep slowly increasing the weight you are using in your triceps workout.

Your Best Exercises For Triceps Development

Here are some of the more effective exercises for triceps development you can do at the gym. The only downfall is that you need to use equipment at a gym or have some good home gym equipment.

Close Grip Bench Press:

This is one of the better exercises for triceps development.

You need to use a flat bench and a barbell. Concentrate on isolating your triceps and not your chest. Use a close grip (as the name suggests) that is about 8 – 10 inches apart.

Go through the full range of motion making sure the bar comes all the way down to your pecs and extend your arms completely at the top.

You should try to perform a heavy triceps exercise like this one first in your triceps workout. It will put the highest demand on your muscles. You don't want to be fatigued when you start it.

Tate Press:

Use an incline bench set at the same angle you would use for an incline chest press.

Lie back on the incline bench with the dumbbells resting on one end on your chest with your palms facing your feet.

Using your triceps push the dumbbells out and up. Return to the start and repeat. Bend only at your elbows.

Lying Triceps Extension (Also Known As Skull Crushers):

This triceps exercise can negatively affect your elbows if not careful.

You can either use a straight or EZ curl bar. This exercise is known as a skull crusher is because you need to lower the bar right down to your forehead. So be careful and keep the weight under control at all times.

Triceps Pushdowns:

You can use many different types of bars or a rope to perform exercises for triceps development that use a cable machine.

Keep your body upright throughout the entire range of motion. Do not allow your elbows to move sideways or forwards at all.


Exercises for triceps development such as dips are great because they develop all heads of the triceps!

You can vary the way you do dips to increase the reliance on your triceps. Dips will also work your chest muscles, but that's ok.

Most gyms will have a dip station or parallel bars.

Your body position means your arms will be near your upper body resulting in being able to feel an extensive stretch in your triceps.

This will also reduce the amount of work the chest muscles are doing. Don’t let your elbows move out to the side. Lower your body to a point where it is comfortable and try to avoid locking your arms at the top.

tricep exercises

California Press:

This is like doing two exercises for triceps muscles in one – a close-grip bench press and a lying triceps extension.

You start the same way as you would for the close grip press.

However, rather than bringing the bar to your mid to lower pecs you allow your elbows to move in the direction of your feet and bring the bar to your upper chest.

Your forearms will touch your biceps. Then you basically do a triceps extension to push back to the start.

What Exercises Do You Use
In Your Fitness Routine?

Do you use any unique and effective exercises or in your fitness program? What was your experience with these exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain exercises? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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