Fitness Motivation Secrets!

One thing that is critical to your success is your fitness motivation.

However, you motivation can go away quickly with an injury.

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So always warm up before you start. A warm up session workout should be 7- 10 minutes long. You can use any cardio equipment.

Then before lifting weights take about 50 of the weight you will use and do a couple sets. You can also do some light stretching.

Not warming up can cause muscle tears, tendon pulls, or even ligament damage eliminating your motivation or at least diminishing it.

Fitness Motivation Mistakes

To expand on the above point...

Imagine your muscles are like semi frozen steaks. If you have tried to stretch a steak like that, you can rip or tear it. But once it fully defrosts and becomes room temperature, it stretches.

Your muscles are the same; they must get warm before you try to stretch them.

Say you are starting your workout for your chest muscles. Do 1 – 2 warm up sets. The weight you use for your warm up should be half of your normal workout weight. If you normally can do 100lbs. for 8-10 reps, then it will be 50lbs. for 8 reps.

After that, you’re ready to continue your chest workout with 100% intensity.

But don't sacrifice good form to use less intensity or more weight. So many people are concerned about how much they can bench press or how much they can curl, etc.

Who cares?

Don't bounce weight, swing the weight or throw the weight, control the weight.

Another good fitness motivation tip is to use the proper supplements to recover. Remember, exercise, diet and supplementation go hand-in-hand.

Over-training is another mistake.

Your muscles don’t need much to get them to respond. You may you think you can train each day as long as you work a different muscle group the next day.

However, your body views your muscle structure as one unit. Not individual muscles…One unit all connected together.

Another fitness motivation mistake is thinking that you cannot take a week off now and then or not work out on a vacation. It won’t hurt you or make you lose anything.

It will help you get you better results and keep your fitness motivation high so don't be afraid to skip a week every few months even if it’s just because you’re tired.

Another good tip is to train for strength when you want to build muscle. There is no other way to continually build muscle other than through increasing strength. You cannot get a bigger muscle unless you lift heavier.

When your muscle recognizes a strength increase it then has the okay to grow in size. It does not want to grow unless it first has the strength to support it.

The next mistake to avoid is selecting the wrong weight.

At first, your weight selection is a guessing game. The question for you is how much weight can you use for the exercise you’re doing? Your weight selection has to do with your strength and your rep range.

Say you’re doing 7-9 reps and you’re using a hundred pounds, you should increase that weight when you can easily perform 9 reps.

If you end up getting 12 reps with 100 lbs., then next time go to 120 lbs. and you will be pushed down to 7 reps again. In a few weeks you may be at 8 or 9 reps and repeat the process.

The point is to train for as many reps as you can until you get to muscle exhaustion and then record those reps.

Keep in mind that by eliminating fads and quick fixes your fitness motivation will always remain high. No so-called quick fixes work. It takes time and effort to reach your anti aging goals but it is really worth it.

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