Forget The Fitness Trainer And Get A Diary!

by Lynn
(Sterling, Il)

I recently lost almost 50 pounds. I did not follow the guidelines of many "popular" fitness experts. I fasted for three days, got rid of a lot of bad food habits, walked 5 miles a day (1 and 1/2 hours) and kept a diary. I also weighed myself every day. I kept portion sizes to a minimum and drank at least 64 ounces of water every day. I did not drink anything else. My milk and other dietary needs were met in the foods I ate.

I did not use diet sugars and I stayed away from artificial foods. The foods I ate were fantastic!

When I walked I used 3 lb. weights for my arms. I lost all this weight in 5 months. I did not buy anything extra to do this diet. I am over 40 and I intend to loose 30 more pounds. I started at 207pounds. I went from a size 20 to a size 14, my goal size is 6.

By keeping my diet simple and full of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and getting rid of excess sugar and salt it was EASY to drop the weight. When I quit listening to the experts and did simple things to improve my life the pounds started melting away.

I sometimes think the experts make it more complicated then it needs to be. I also quit reading magazines and books on dieting and did what was right. I am almost to my goal, no thanks to the expert and personal trainers. I am very healthy now, and much happier because of it.


Congrats ! How long have you kept the weight off? Losing it isn't hard for many of us, but sustaining that weight loss and healthy habits is tough. the diary is a wonderful tool. When I write I do well. When I don't, h-m-m. Keep writing. M.


Hey, well done, you have got your weight down big time! I love it that you did it with fantastic food and lots of keeping track. There is a great little app if you have an iphone that helps you keep a food diary, its called tap and track.

For anyone out there who wants to do what you did, it keeps a check of calories consumed, exercise done, it has a weight chart too so you can check on your weight loss. You can decide how much you need to loose and how quickly and it programs your calories to match your goals.

You do have to enter every food consumed, but there is a huge database of foods (mainly American) if the makers of this app are reading this, they need to make one for Uk and then all other countries, not necessarily in that order...anyway to conclude, keep up the good work, but don't be too obsessive, seems to me a size 14 is an achievement - don't push yourself too far too fast :-)


You showed what determination and commitment can do! You listened to yourself, your body needs and stuck with it because it was for you, and good for you. With your attitude you can do anything!


Congrats on losing the weight! I have to admit, as a trainer you're right that you did your workout a bit different then I typically suggest. Walking 5 miles takes a lot of time... but your diet was right on with eating clean which is what I follow and I recommend to the women I train!

Keep up the good work, as far as workouts are concerned have you thought about strength training?


First off, congratulations on your weight loss statistics. I hope you continue to work hard, and lead a healthy life down in the future.

As far as "experts" or "personal trainers" go. Maybe you caught a few bad apples? You could have possibly ran into the wrong ones or seen trainers write in articles on Fitness magazine, or Oxygen.

But to get this stereotype clear, not all personal trainers are like that. Coming from me, a certified ACE personal trainer, I know that ACE refers more to the "simple" approach in their text book. In fact, most personal trainers within my region (Baltimore, MD) influence the thought of eating simple, less hyperglycemic foods, more often throughout the day, avoiding sugars and eating less sodium.

You could have met just a few bad apples and went to the wrong sites. Having fitness instructors saying that you need to go on certain supplements, or go on a juice diet surely means that they don't know what their talking about.

As of you, keep doing what you're doing. Keep it fresh, and simple. Maybe try including some type of incline on your walking terrain to work your legs more as well so you burn more calories.

Anyway, this wasn't a shout in the face, it was just a devils advocate. No harm.



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