Functional Fitness Training Simplified

In simple terms functional fitness training is fitness training for everyday life. During work and almost any recreational activities you are engaged in you use your muscles, joints etc. in a specific manner.

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Athletes in different sports perform different actions and therefore must train their muscles in a different way.

Another example is a construction worker. They are lifting different shaped objects of varying weights all day long. And they often have to lift these items with their legs, back, arms, etc. at the same time.

This is where functional fitness training comes in – using the types of fitness training that will benefit you the most.

Functional Fitness Training For You

Functional fitness keeps your body in shape for your daily activities such as sports, walking, bending, lifting, or whatever your job and life entails. Like most types of fitness training it includes aspects of balance, stability, posture, flexibility in addition to muscular strength.

For you to receive the true benefits of functional fitness you need to use exercises that will incorporate numerous muscle groups at the same time.

So avoiding the use of many weight machines is recommended.

Using free weights, performing plyometrics etc. will force your body and multiple muscle groups to work as one thereby improving your speed, agility, quickness and muscle strength for everyday life.

How To Develop Functional Fitness Training Programs

There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do and many different ways of doing them. The key is to determine which ones will give you the best results in the shortest time.

With so many options you can easily mix things up to not only avoid boredom but to force your muscles to keep adapting.

This type of training will incorporate more muscles and muscle fibers for each exercise than traditional exercise.

As with all other types of fitness training, you must make sure that you are getting the proper nutrition with Functional Fitness Training.

To maximize your sports performance you have to know what factors play a role in the first place. Some examples are: strength, speed, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, neuromuscular coordination, and your genetics.

Your programs should focus on stabilizing and strengthening your joints and bones. There is evidence of exercise being able to halt or even reverse bone loss.

This type of training can duplicate the type of stress placed on your joints and bones during sports events and daily activities.

Equipment For Functional Fitness

Traditional strength and fitness training uses some of the same equipment as functional training does. However there are some differences.

Fitness machines aren't recommended for functional fitness and there is some other fitness equipment that should be included.

Here are the best equipment options for this type of fitness training:

  • Barbells And Weight Plates – Barbells can be used to work any part of your body very effectively.

  • Dumbbells – Use them often as they work great.

  • Your Own Body Weight – For many exercises you will see great results using your own body weight.

  • Exercise Balls - Exercise balls are good for helping to improve stability and balance when you use them in combination with other exercises or dumbbells.

  • Medicine Balls – You can get medicine balls in many different weights. They are an excellent addition to any functional fitness programs.

  • Kettlebells – Kettlebells have been around for a very long time and have made a comeback over the last couple decades because they work especially well for this specific type of training.  

Depending on your sport, lifestyle, physical abilities, etc. you may want to combine functional fitness training with other types. It depends on what your goals are.

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