A Review Of The Horizon Treadmill

There are benefits but also some downfalls to the horizon treadmill. This review will hopefully educate you and help you save some money.

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Horizon has a number of different models of their treadmill which includes: the Omega, Quantum and the Paragon treadmills. They also make other cardio exercise equipment such as: elliptical trainers, rowing machines and stationary bikes.

Horizon fitness treadmills are built fairly solid, but not nearly as solid as the more expensive brands of treadmills.

This is something to consider if you plan on using it to do a lot of running or jogging on a consistent basis over a long period of time.

As with most treadmills, the horizon fitness treadmill does provide a good and secure running surface. They are made specifically for home use and unlike a lot of other brands, are usually fairly inexpensive.

Some models of the horizon treadmill have been made to replace other outdated units. For example the T52 horizon treadmill was manufactured to replace the T20.

This treadmill is also known by a lot of people as the horizon T805. If you're confused you're not alone. Not too sure why some exercise equipment companies don't just stick with the same name for a product and just upgrade it with better features and benefits.

If you are familiar with one model you may want to recommend it to a friend, but that friend will not be able to find it because it's been replaced by a different model (which is actually the same model with a couple upgrades).

Confused yet?

Even though the horizon fitness treadmill models are built fairly well (considering their lower than average price range) they aren't as strong as commercial treadmills. Even though the manufacturer would like you to think they are.

Because of this, most are better suited for the casual runner, jogger, etc. and the individual just wanting to get a cardio workout at home.

That being said however, most are popular with the home fitness consumer. So if you fall into one of the "less intense" fitness categories mentioned above, this type of treadmill may be worth looking into.

Popular Features Of The Horizon Treadmill

  • It has what's known as a COMFORTzone System with a running surface of 20" x 55" and has a 275 lb. capacity. This size of surface is ok for light jogging and walking but not for intense running.

  • It comes with 8 different programs to help change up your workout.

  • The console system gives you feedback such as number of calories burned, elevation (angle) you have the treadmill set at, your speed, pulse rate (important so you stay in your target heart range), distance you've walked or jogged and of course your time.

  • On some models of horizon treadmill you can get going up to a speed of 10 mph, which you may find is more than enough.

  • It comes with a hand grip pulse monitor. Any time you want to check your pulse you just grab onto the handlebars for a few seconds and you'll have it.

  • The warranties with horizon fitness treadmill models is decent. They come with a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame and a 2 year parts and labour warranty.
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