How Low Testosterone Levels Affected me

by Ronald Smith

I am a 44 year old who had an undescended testicle removed in November of 2009. My doctor mentioned that this might affect my testosterone levels. Sometime around of 2010, I began having some mood swings.

At first I did not think anything about it. Sometime around August-to early September of 2010 , I began feeling like I did not have much energy during the afternoon hours.

As time progressed, I noticed that during the time period of early to late October, I began having more severe mood swings & then it progressed into periods of time where I would get teary-eyed & cry over the simplest things that once made me happy ( for example if I heard certain songs that I always enjoyed).

Then I started experiencing hot flashes & more mood swings. I went to see my doctor & I explained what was going on & I asked his opinion. He suggested that I have some bloodwork done to check my hormone levels & I quickly agreed.

The blood tests came back showing that I had very low testosterone levels. He put me on a monthly injection of testosterone booster ( 10cc) a month, & I will have to say, that since I had that first injection on October 28, 2010 I have felt like a new person. I have had amazing amounts of energy & increased stamina since this was started.

If any guys out there are experiencing any symptoms like I described above, talk with your doctor about testosterone replacement boosters. You will not regret it & you will definitely feel the difference,espcially if you hsve been having the symptoms I was having (mood swings & hot flashes).It works.

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