Discover How To Take Creatine For The Best Results

You need to learn how to take creatine properly, before-you start using it. You also need to learn when to take creatine.

You will see better results for your fitness and antii aging goals if you do.

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You may have other questions, such as:

  • How soon before or after a workout should you take it?
  • Should you just take it in the morning with your vitamins?
  • Are certain types of creatine good or bad?
  • How much should you take in to build muscle or reduce body fat?

At the start you need to take creatine 4 times a day for the first 5 days. This is known as a loading phase where you saturate your muscles with it. Make sure one of these times is immediately after your workout.

Studies have shown that your muscles will soak up more creatine monohydrate right after exercise.

Taking creatine after your initial 5 days is simple…take one serving per day after you exercise to maintain it.

Creatine monohydrate works great for overall fitness and sports performance and therefore is great for anti aging but it may give you a bit of water retention over the short term.

Is Too Much Creatine Good Or Bad?

how to take creatine

Obviously as with any supplement you shouldn't overdo it. As mentioned above in the section explaining how to take creatine, the initial loading phase should only be 4 times per day for five days

If you are taking this amount all the time it's definitely too much. It's not dangerous, just totally unnecessary.

The most that should happen would be mild stomach upset and too much water retention.

How To Take Creatine With Sugar

When it comes to how to take creatine it has been found that you should just take plain creatine monohydrate powder in water for consistent results.

Many companies offer it mixed with a lot of sugar. And while there is some research to suggest that it may be help by an insulin spike from sugar, that may just allow the companies that promote it to charge more money.

You can take it with a bit of diluted fruit juice if you want. Plain creatine monohydrate in water is much like drinking sand!

Creatine will start to help you once it's absorbed into your muscle and stored as creatine phosphate, so after a week or two of use, it's a matter of simply replacing what you use.

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