In Need Of Some Thigh Relief

by Susan
(Destin, Florida, US)

I am a woman who is built in proportion, medium frame, with about 10 extra lbs. on my body. And, except for the fleshy, loose baby fat in the upper thigh, my legs are not fat or thin; they're average. There is this glob of flesh that sticks out when I wear stretchy workout clothes or leggings (which I try not to wear!!).

No matter what rigorous spot exercise I perform, nothing has ever vanished it...not even close! When I lose weight, it gets smaller, but it's still there.

I do abductor and adductor exercises; figure 8's, etc. Much of my unsuccessfulness is due to genetics, unfortunately. BUT, if some out there knows anything to work on that area (at the very top of the inner thing, directly at the pelvis), please let me hear about it.

Many thanks,
Susan Kindelr, LMT


Hi Susan!

by: Chloe

Butt firming exercises help with puffy inner thighs believe it or not! To explain, stand up straight with your legs together. Lift up the very tops of your back thighs/base of your butt cheeks a bit while looking down at the top inner thighs - they pull inwards!

The trick is not to do exercises directly targeting them, that just builds muscle underneath the fat. You can pull the fat in a bit by strengthening your glute muscles just behind them. It works! And you get a better bum!

So far I'm up to a half centimeter gap between thighs, it's not much, but they don't touch anymore =D


Thigh Fat by: Anonymous

I have the same problem! Check the previous page. There is an ad for the "Ultimate Leg Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover" by Joey Atlas. Incidentally, I bought it 2 weeks ago.

I am very glad that I did too, as these exercises are the only thing that seem to be targeting the jiggly fat on my inner and upper thighs. They are getting rid of the fat on the back of my legs too, and my bottom is looking amazing again (I am 48). A year at the gym had helped me lose weight, but had not really helped me feel toned and shapely. This has - and it's only been two weeks!

The Ultimate Leg, Hip, Butt and Thigh program should take a lot longer, it's just that you start to get firm right away. You don't need any special equipment. Give it a look-see. I swear it will help you as it did me.


Inner Thigh Fat

I have that problem too. I hate it !!!!!

It looks so obvious with my pants, especially tights and work out clothes. I think it came from me over working the muscles years ago, then stopping and the fat settled there. I also used to use the Gloria Marshall studio and get on the lotus table, Certain positions were for inner thigh exercises.


Interval Training And Inner Thigh Exercises

by Gaia (California)

I have noticed that the most effective weight and fat loss exercises consist of interval training on the bicycle and elliptical. These exercises accurately hit the area and burn the fat fast than running for hours at a time... That being said, obviously one must have strong muscles underneath the fat in order for this to work properly.

Interval training is sprint training. Rather than running for an hour you do short sprints with a jog as a pause and repeat this for the chosen time, usually it is difficult to do this for more than 30 min, and if you can do if for more than 30 min and more than a few times a week, it is not being done properly!!)


Do Not Completely Discount Inner Thigh Exercises

by Monica Renee (Kailua-Kona Hawaii)

While I agree that spot reduction DOES NOT work (and I really wish magazines and other media would stop leading women astray in this regard) it IS important for women to build up their inner thigh strength.

Women suffer from knee problems and knee injuries far more than men do because we carry most of our thigh strength on the OUTER thigh, causing the knees to easily buckle or come out of alignment. if we build our inner thigh muscles, this helps to combat our vulnerability to knee problems.


The Firm Complete Aerobics & Weight Training

by Ann Hacker (Pennsylvania)

I had tried many things over the years to lose weight and "tone up". I started using TheFirm in 2004 and saw amazing results. I actually transformed my body.

I saw muscles in my thighs I had never seen before. I got pregnant in 2006 and lost my baby fat, then gained it back while home with him. Just recently, after trying unsuccessfully to lose the weight, I started back with TheFirm. I can't say enough about it. It's tough, but you will not believe the results! I recommend it TOTALLY!!


Pilates Tone Ring

by Jade (UK)

I have been using a Pilates Toner ring, that you basically squeeze (either your legs or arms), and haven't seen any change in my inner thighs. This is really disappointing as I have been working so hard including regular 3 mile runs.

I really want to just lose that extra fat around that area, but have no clue how to? Just that alone is putting a downer on my confidence with my body.


Inner Thigh Exercises - Developpes devant, derriere and a la seconde at the barre

by Clarice Jena (Singapore)

One of the basic routines in ballet where the butt muscles, inner thigh muscles, hip flexors and quads are used. Mostly inner thighs and butt muscles are worked since in ballet we are not supposed to use our quads too much in order to prevent building up of the wrong muscles.

Lean and long lines comes from extensions and holding them up there with the turn out that comes from the hips and the inner thighs. So try doing developpes/extensions at the barre and you'll definitely feel the difference! Good luck(:

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