Inner Thigh Exercises Explained

Do you concentrate on popular inner thigh exercises to help sculpt your thighs like the majority of women do?

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Due to infomercials and the bombardment of online advertising you face daily you may be under the impression that isolating your inner thigh muscles will help you reduce fat and tone up your legs.

The truth is, it doesn’t work like that!

Like most, you may become very frustrated because you simply do not get the results you want even though you believe you are doing everything right.

You’re probably doing the exercises right, it’s just that you’re doing the wrong exercises!

Using any thigh exercises that isolate this muscle group will not burn any noticeable fat directly off your inner thighs.

Compound leg exercises are a hundred times better than any inner thigh exercises for women.

Spot reduction does not work - it never has - and it never will. This myth of spot reduction makes no sense. You don't have any control over where on your body the fat will come off.

Thigh exercises for women and all other exercises for that matter, can only burn fat off evenly over your entire body - this is a long-time proven fact.

To change your body you need proper weight exercises, proper nutrition, some cardio, strategic nutrients and avoid relying on Inner Thigh Exercises.

In order to effectively lose fat, "tone up" and change your body, you must increase your metabolism. You do this by using exercises that build muscle.

Isolation, inner thigh exercises will not build up enough muscle to increase your metabolism. There are numerous different muscles in your legs that need to be worked at different angles and in most cases need to be worked synergistically.

Focus more on key Quadriceps Exercises to get the best results in the shortest possible time or if you are looking for something a little less intense check out our Thigh Toning Exercises.

If you want to shape your legs, any part of your legs, then you must use key exercises that will accomplish this. Inner thigh exercises will not.  

Not only can you not burn fat with any inner thigh exercises or any isolation exercise for that matter you can’t do it with endless cardiovascular exercise either.

Inner Thigh Exercises Are Not Your Best Option

When you exercise and follow a good nutrition plan your body will reduce fat systematically from everywhere at the same time. You ramp up this process by gradually decreasing your calories to a point (and no further) and continue to increase your activity and intensity level.

Some people still do isolation exercises all the time thinking these areas will tone because of the feeling they get while working them.

However, even when you do the best exercises and feel a burn in a certain muscle group, what your feeling is lactic acid (a by-product of exercise) building up in your muscles.

Avoid useless exercises such as inner thigh exercises, and learn how to really change your physical appearance. It's well worth your while to do it properly right from the start.

Below are articles concerning inner thigh exercises for women submitted by visitors like you. Read through them and feel free to add your own.

What Thigh Exercises Do You Use?

Do you use any unique and effective inner thigh exercises or in your fitness program? What was your experience with these exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain exercises? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Ball Squeeze Thigh Exercises 
Easy to do thigh exercises using an exercise ball. Lay on your back place ball between knees and squeeze. Also extend legs up place ball between legs …

Thigh Exercises And Body Control Pilates 
I used to do everything to tone my legs and nothing every really worked. Then I found Pilates. I quickly changed all about me, my eating habits, my exercise …

Thigh Exercises Involving Biking And Small Concentric Circles In Your Pelvic Region 
I have an exercise bike, the recumbent kind, and if you get a good extension and set the tension high, you work the inner thighs. Tighten your core muscles …

In Need Of Some Thigh Relief 
I am a woman who is built in proportion, medium frame, with about 10 extra lbs. on my body. And, except for the fleshy, loose baby fat in the upper thigh, …

Part 1 of Excellent Thigh Exercises Used By A Mother Of 3 
This is an actual email conversation with an excited client. This Time It's For Good! Just When She Thought She Was Down and Out Without a Fighting …

Excellent Thigh Exercises Give A Mother Of 3 Her Hot Body And High Spirit Back Part 2 
Lisa: Hi Joey, Me again! I would normally apologize for junkin up your inbox so much but everyday I'm almost overwhelmed by the results that are …

Personal Exercise Commentary 
Well, where shall I begin - oh yes! at the beginning. Like thousands of women I have been struggling to keep my weight down and keep fit. Since about 1 …

Leg Rolls - Wall Sits - Plie Squats And Barbell Squats 
Leg Rolls... Lie on your side, fully stretched out. With one hand, support your head and with the other place it out in front of you for balance. …

Lower Body Exercise 
I need some information regarding my lower body situation. I am 39 yrs old, 140 lbs and I exercise 3x a week. I do cardio running twice a week 30 min each …

Thigh Exercises - Work Your Thighs Harder With A Cable Machine! 
If your gym has a low pulley cable machine that you can use for thigh exercises, you can work your thighs a lot harder than on the sit down machines. …

Thigh Exercises In Combination With A Knee Injury 
Most of these thigh exercises I cannot do because of a knee injury, squats and lunges in particular. One I can do, that is not on here, is leg extensions …

One Thigh Exercise That Is Easy But Effective! 
I have found that one of the best thigh exercises for me are "developes" which are a ballet move. In order to perform thigh exercises such as a develope, …

Thigh And Butt Exercises Needed 
I am 47 years old, fit, healthy. I am a curvy shape and have little problem with my body waist up. However, my bum and thighs never seem to change however …

Wall Sits For Your Thighs 
Wall sits burn fat off you thighs and strengthen your calves, thighs and other muscles and tendons. Standing with your back against the wall, part your …

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