Janice's Fitness Story

by Janice
(Westport Mass. USA)

Here is my womens fitness training story. My name as you may have guessed by now is Janice. I went from very much overweight to couldn't gain and kept losing to 112 lbs. It happens.

One day I decided I wanted to lose the extra weight. I made a plan. First after work I would have my son drop me off at the gym so I would do my workout right after working. I would get to the gym relax with a bottle of water for 20 minutes. Then proceed to do my work out.

Right after my workout I would take a shower and then get another water to drink as I was walking home. After all I made sure I had no ride and no change or money, so my only solution was to walk home.

When home I made supper and did some housework. After supper I would give myself an hour tv time and family time. Then I would lock myself in my room and just dance my heart away. I could feel my heart pumping and so I know it was working good on my heart.

Keeping it going well.

I only ate breakfast and supper which was always something very low in caloric intake. Well after a while I just could not gain at all. I went to 110 lbs from 175 in about 4 months.

So while I had the right idea, I just want to let you know that once you get where you are going...even if you need to gain...keep watching. I was months trying to gain weight with my doctor really upset with me and worried.

Finally I started to gain and I was so accustomed to try and gain weight that I just didnt notice. That is what I want to bring to your attention. When you look better than you ever imagined you could look.....still be aware or that old fat will start getting you again.

Once you get to where you want to be it is time to make a new plan : one that will maintain where you are. Keep you not only looking fantastic but keep you healthy.

Good Luck people in your endeavors but remember it is not a matter of luck but of good hard planning and work.

Hugs Janice

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