Plyometric Jump Program Exercises

Using good plyometric jump program exercises will add a lot of variety to your training program. Most jump training can be separated by their unique characteristics and the benefits they provide.

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Always consult your physician if you've had injuries to any of the following before attempting any plyometric exercises:

  • ankles
  • feet
  • shins
  • knees
  • lower back
  • hips

10 Jump Program Categories

1. Standing Plyometrics Drills

To start this plyometric exercise you will set yourself up in a standing position with your feet slightly apart.

Many plyometric exercises will put the majority of the stress or maximal effort on the vertical or horizontal plane. With these plyometric exercises you can repeat for a few reps but you must allow your nervous system to recover completely between each set.

2. Jumping-In-Place Plyometrics

With this category of plyometric exercises you jump straight up and land back on the same spot. Even though this exercise is a lower intensity you will still see good results due to the fact that your muscles must continually contract with no rest.

Each jump is performed one after the other. These vertical jumps are also known as "multiple response" and "spot jumps".

3. Multiple Hop Plyometrics

These plyometric exercises combine the skills used in both the previously discussed jumps. Here maximal output is needed along with multiple reps.

You can perform these jumps without any plyometric training equipment or you can use basic equipment such as a barrier (discussed in a different section). Only do a maximum of a 30 meter distance before resting.

4. Depth Plyometrics

Depth jumps use of gravitation force and your body weight and are of a given intensity. At the start do not jump up and out from the top of a plyometric box because the higher from which you fall, the more strain on your joints and muscles once you hit the ground.

Just step forward before going towards the ground, it's much safer and just as effective. By doing this you will be able to properly evaluate the intensity of the exercise plus decrease stress injuries.

8. Box Plyometrics

This category combines depth jumps and multiple hops and jumps and uses a plyometric box. If you use tall plyometric boxes you will increase the intensity. Low plyometric boxes will of course decrease the intensity.

9. Bounding Plyometrics

Bounding plyometric exercises are used to train specific areas of your stride. They help to improve both stride length and frequency. You should do them for at least 30 meters at a time.

10. Plyometric Nutrition

As with all other Types Of Fitness Training using the right supplements with your Jump Program will help you a great deal.

Now you’re ready to get started with your plyometric training by clicking on the button located in the left margin of this page.

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