Is A Ketogenic Diet Plan Safe For You?

A ketogenic diet plan basically works by starving your body of carbohydrates and sugars. When on this type of extreme diet for your main goal is to put your body into ketosis.

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What is ketosis you ask?

Ketosis is basically defined as the build-up of ketones in your bloodstream wherein your body produces ketones for fuel. When this happens your blood ketone concentration is higher than your glucose concentration.

Ketosis drastically lowers insulin; which in turn causes your pancreas to start producing glucagon. After this happens while on a ketogenic diet plan, your body will basically go into a dramatic fat burning mode.

Ketones are by products of fat metabolism and are an alternative source of fuel for the brain, heart, skeletal muscle and other oxygen requiring tissues to utilize in times of starvation, carbohydrate restriction or extended periods of exercise.

Glucagon is what determines if and how much ketones are produced in your bloodstream.

When your insulin production is almost zero the amount of glucagon is dramatically increased. It's at this point that your fat burning ability kicks into high gear and fat storage stops.

Your liver is in charge of taking fatty acids away from fat stores and using the fat for energy.

By eliminating carbohydrates on a ketogenic diet plan and eating enough fat and protein you'll put your body into ketosis within a few days. When on a Ketogenic Diet Plan use the best whey protein powder for some of your protein intake.

Is A Ketogenic Diet Plan Effective And Safe?

It does seem to work extremely well for weight loss when done properly. In fact it is probably more efficient at weight loss than any other diet program.

So if it is so great why do so many doctors and other health professionals criticize it and try to talk people out of trying it?

It has been found to be quite safe for most people. After all people who live in the arctic regions of the world go for weeks and sometimes months at a time on a similar type of diet with no negative health concerns at all.

They eat only meats and fats because carbohydrates are not available to them for most of the year.

This diet isn't safe for you if you don't exercise. Inactive and deskbound people build up a tremendous amount of ketone fuels in their body that just travel around the blood stream with nothing to do.

If you exercise the ketones are used up for energy, resulting in very effective weight loss while on the ketogenic diet.

Regardless of which category you fall into always consult your physician before starting a ketosis diet.

Don't be concerned about muscle loss. This diet has a much better muscle sparing effect than other diets that contain more carbohydrates due in the most part to the huge supply of fatty acids and ketones.

There a few minor downsides to this diet. Perhaps the biggest is fatigue during the first couple of weeks when your brain is adapting to use ketones for energy.

The second is something that's called "keto breath". Keto-breath, which in short means your breath will smell happens due to you breathing out ketones. You'll also get a sort of metallic taste in your mouth.

Almost everyone on this diet will get the bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth and feel fatigued, but it usually doesn't last past the first couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts On The Ketogenic Diet Plan

It can be very effective as long as you do it right. The only problem is it's tough to do. Most who start a ketosis diet stop within 3 – 4 days.

Due to the elimination of carbohydrates you will experience some nutrient deficiencies. For this reason it's indeed recommended to take a complete multi vitamin / mineral health supplement while on the ketogenic diet.

Don’t overlook the success of a ketogenic diet plan just because it is tougher to stick to than other diets.

Please Add Your Own Ketogenic Diet Story Or Recipes

Please share your story on this type of diet along with your favorite recipes and meal plans to help others. So many people don't have the time to come up with good meal plans while on this type of diet. If you have some, please share!

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