Kickbacks Butt Toning Exercises

by Arin Cornell
(Beaumont, Ca, USA)

This seems to be the most effective and efficient butt firming exercise for me. I position on my hands and knees and keeping my right leg at a 90 degree angle I slowly kick my leg upward and bring back down.

After 20 reps, I kickback, hold the position, and pulse. Switch legs. You can really feel the burn!

I also do another wonderful exercise for my butt by being in a sitting position on a mat. Balance on your butt and bring your legs in to a bent position and roll from side to side on your butt. This can be done while your watching TV. And it really helps keep your butt firm.

Here's another one by sitting on a mat and walking on your butt one cheek at a time. Works well. I learned these at a exercises at a health club 30 years ago.

I have also been doing squats for about 2 months now and they really help a lot.

One key thing to remember is that you need to change things up a bit on a regular basis. When we quit seeing results we need to kick it up a notch, maybe use more weight on squats, etc. Our bodies need to be challenged in order to see results. I went to the gym for 2 years and wasn't pushing myself and never looked any different. Then I started to challenge myself and you wouldn't believe the difference!

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