See What Life Cycle Exercise Equipment Can Do For You

Almost every fitness center you walk into is full of life cycle exercise equipment. This line of exercise equipment actually covers quite a number of different brand name products that you may or may not be aware of.

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Exercise equipment from life cycle also comes in many different types for home use.

Including home gyms, various types of cardio equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, etc. along with free weight set-ups and more.

The commercial line of exercise equipment from life cycle includes such products and brand names as: Life cycle cardio, under which falls the following products: treadmills, stationary bikes, stairclimbers, & elliptical cross-trainers.

Life cycle exercise equipment strength division includes: Cable motion, Signature series, Pro 2 series, Club series and Fit series.

Life cycle equipment also manufactures and sells commercial equipment such as the very popular Hammer Strength line.

Exercise equipment from life cycle specifically for home use is quite extensive as well. Their home line includes various pieces of cardio equipment, home gyms, free weight systems and specialized workout stations.

Life cycle equipment is one of our favorites, especially their line of cardio equipment. We've found this line to be very durable, free of a lot of common problems other exercise equipment lines have, very easy to use, very comfortable and extremely smooth.

Life cycle equipment will last you for a very long time. This brand also comes with a long list of important and innovative features that originate from their very successful and popular commercial / health club exercise equipment.

This includes a smooth natural motion, workout programs that have consistently proven to motivate even the most un-motivated people, and a solid industrial design.

At least with the life cycle equipment, unlike a lot of life cycle exercise equipment competitors, you'll want to use it instead of just letting it gather dust in a corner. Or if you are a gym owner, your members will actually use your equipment constantly.

There's nothing worse for a health club owner than to see a half million dollars of equipment sitting there that no one wants to use.

All of the life cycle equipment is actually designed and constructed by people who are experienced fitness enthusiasts.

These individuals have been lifting weights, doing cardio, etc. for years. They are trained and experienced not only as individuals who have been exercising consistently for years but also in biomechanics, exercise physiology, etc.

When it comes to home gyms, life cycle equipment comes in two main lines. The life cycle line and the Parabody line.

I personally prefer the life cycle equipment brand of home gyms over the Parabody line, but other people feel the opposite.

Both are built extremely good, but lets look at some of the differences.

Life cycle exercise equipment - life cycle line of home gyms:

  • Virtually unlimited workout variety. This is a good feature because it ensures you are working the greatest amount of muscle in order to achieve the greatest results.
  • Unrestricted cable motion exercise movements. This helps to include some of the smaller assistor and stabilizer muscles in your body while you are working your larger muscles or muscle groups. This is similar to the effect you have with free weight exercises.
  • Removable bench to allow standing or stability ball exercises. Very few home gyms come with this feature enabling you to use an exercise ball.
  • Dock 'N Lock bench system. This is an added safety feature that makes sure your bench doesn't move while performing an exercise.

Life cycle Exercise Equipment - Parabody line:

  • Parabody like the previously mentioned Life cycle line of home gyms, is very high quality. You do get your moneys worth with either one.
  • Parabody comes in a variety of different models. This is of course very important to a lot of people. Why buy a home gym, life cycle exercise equipment or otherwise, if it doesn't have the features you're looking for. Also, why pay extra money for a home gym that has a bunch of additional features that you're not interested in. Life cycle exercise equipment makes it easy to get what you really do want.

  • Excellent workout variety. The more good, high quality exercises you can perform, the better your results will be. More variety also means you won't get bored and you'll be more likely to stick to your exercise program.
  • Traditional exercise movements. Works your muscles in a similar fashion to free weights.

Tell Us About Your Exercise Equipment

Do you currently, or have you ever, used the type of exercise equipment mentioned on this page? What has been your experience with this type of equipment? What exercise equipment do you like the best or like the least? Tell us why you feel this way.

Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share your story and let others know what equipment to avoid or to invest in!

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