Lost 55 Pounds In 7 Months With My Bowflex

by Kim

I used a bowflex for 7 month's and lost 55 LB's I never felt so good, and I didn't start the program till I was in my mid 40's, I think I was actually addicted to it.

I had to start tapering down on how much I used it. Eventually things in my life changed, I stopped using it, so I sold it...now I'm 51 and I'm hunting for another one. It changed my metabolism also I was always over weight, till I bought my Bowflex, after stopping I kept the weight off till recently I quit smoking and put 20 LB's back on....hence I'm hunting for another one. I loved mine and wish I had never gotten rid of it.


I have heard wonderful things about them. I hope you find one. Congrats on quitting smoking.


I used a bowflex for close to year straight, I had the very basic power pro. I was on a strict diet and did lots of cardio as well.

My main cardio though was from the rowing machine in which I wore out the rollers on the seat. I went from approximately 255 lbs to a very lean 215 pounds and gained lots of muscle.

I found that my bowflex was no longer challenging my muscles so I sold it and decided to go back to free weights. I purchased a very nice Golds Smith Machine which had every exercise that you could imagine.

Well after using it for a few months I decided I missed my bowflex dearly. I was getting sore backs and sore joints from the free weights, which when using my bowflex I only got sore muscles, I actually like that pain because I knew it was building muscles. I now have sold my golds machine and am on the hunt once again for a new bowflex.

If used vigorously and religiously with proper diet, the bowflex is all the machine anyone needs. I cannot wait to start working out with a bowflex again. Trevor.

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