Comparing Micro Nutrients
And Macro Nutrients

When it comes to anti aging, terms such as micro nutrients or macro nutrients may confuse you.

It's actually quite simple.

Let's first take a look at macro nutrients.

Macro nutrients are the ones that have calories. Protein, carbs and fat. These provide you with the fuel that you need in order for your body to produce energy and help you to build muscle, burn body fat and have the energy to enjoy your life.

But, if you do not provide your body with the nutrients it needs you won't see any improvement. You may already be aware of just how important macro nutrients really are.

For a lot of others, however this area of nutrition needed a little bit of an explanation before we take a look at micro nutrients and the synergy they help to provide.

You may be more confused with micro...

Micro And Macro

What is the difference between micro and macro?

Micro includes all of your vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that are also contained in the Best Antiaging Supplements.

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for everyone. For the most part no individual vitamin or mineral will give you additional energy, help burn fat or slow down the aging process.

However, they work with macro nutrients in order to get things going.

If you put the micro nutrients in the right blend with one another, follow a detailed nutritional program and exercise properly then you will see tremendous improvement.

You may be saying: Hold on a minute now...

A comment was made that may have peaked your interest...

Vitamins and minerals cannot provide energy?

Doesn't everyone take vitamins and minerals to improve their existing energy levels?

Actually, you're right, they do.

This is because vitamin and mineral manufacturing companies and the stores that sell them have lead the public to think that just because they play a role in the energy process they will magically produce endless energy for you.

The only nutrients that can help your body to produce fuel for heat generation are macro nutrients.

While it is true that without your body being supplied with the proper amounts and types of vitamins and minerals your energy may not be at the level it could be. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the individual vitamins that are giving you the energy.

The only exception to this is a supplement called Bee Pollen. Bee Pollen Benefits are many including being able to improve your energy levels as you age.

So Are Macro Nutrients Or Micro Nutrients The Most Important?

The right answer is both. You cannot just focus on one or the other and expect results, you need both.

Elsewhere on this site we discuss various vitamins and minerals and the true value of these micro nutrients. Hopefully you will have a proper understanding of them and will no longer have a cupboard filled with and large number of different bottles of various supplements.

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