Mind and Body - My Road to a Healthy Weight

by Cindy
(New Jersey)

Ever since I was a teenager I struggled with my weight. I was always self-conscious but chose to ignore the issue rather than address it and try to change my body.

I always had friends so I never really thought it was a huge problem. When I went to college I had a rough time and gained a lot of weight in my first two years. Looking back my weight gain was definitely associated with what was going on in my life.

It was a hard adjustment being away from my family and I dealt with my loneliness by eating and drinking more that I should have. When my family and friends noticed the problem I lashed out at them and denied that anything had really changed.

The battle with my weight intensified as the years went on, I just eventually accepted that I would always be fat and undesirable. My self-esteem was very low and I hid behind my work. I didn't date or even go out with friends often because I hated being the ugly fat friend.

After years of unhappiness my mother finally convinced me to see a therapist about my weight issue. I was resistant at first, but finally exhausted with being depressed all the time and with diets that always failed--I thought that maybe a little talking couldn't hurt. I went through the weight loss and obesity program with Cognitive Therapy Associates of Manhattan.

I discovered why I had really been eating, and developed the skills to slowly alter my behavior into more positive patterns. My therapist in New York provided me with a solid support network and showed me how I could achieve my goals of weight loss and management.

Soon I got my mental health in line, learned about my destructive behaviors, and knowingly made a decision to change. I am happier than I have ever been and still using the skills I learned to achieve a healthy weight.

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