Motivation For Exercise At Home

by Adam
(Los Angeles)

If you exercise at home you may need extra motivation for exercise. While it can be more convenient the fact remains that it is also easy to skip out on your workout consistently.

Use this information as a guide if you workout at home. This motivation for exercise information discusses the pros and cons of home fitness programs, fitness centers, or if available, on-site facilities at work or near work.

Lets start with the pros of exercising at a work facility or a facility near your place of employment. One of the best benefits of exercising at or near work will be the lack of interference with your normal daily routine. Especially if you can do this during a break at work.

Or maybe even by exercising during a lunchtime session. Many corporations and companies now provide an on-site work out facility for you to exercise. If this is the case, use it. You save time in your day and also get a burst of added enthusiasm and a relief of the stress that you build throughout the day.

You also save time if you do it after or before work by avoiding rush hour and it’s frustrating, time consuming traffic. This increases your motivation for exercise.

By taking advantage of this, you also save money by not paying for a fitness center membership or by not purchasing home equipment. The disadvantages of this may be inconvenient hours of on-site facilities.

The next possibility to consider for exercising is the home gym. The advantages are easily detectable but so are the disadvantages. You can weigh them yourself.

The pros are easy access and that you can move quickly through your workout. It also gives you flexibility to exercise when you please and allows you to more easily vary the time of day to exercise according to your schedule.

Exercising at home gives you privacy and the opportunity to create your own atmosphere and you can get as comfortable as you please. One of the biggest disadvantages is that you have the distractions that come with your everyday lifestyle.

These distractions could be your kids, phone calls, or any interruption that is hard to avoid. Also, along with the home program comes the lack of supervision and instruction. Not to mention the minimal possibilities for having a lot of variety because of lack of space.

You can choose to workout at a fitness center, gym, or health club, whatever you choose to call this type of facility. They're basically all the same. If it's dark, dank, and a little hard-core its usually called a gym. These are motivating and relatively inexpensive.

This definitely works for the get in-get-out exerciser who likes a serious atmosphere. If it's a glamorous atmosphere, has a Juice bar, snack shop, pro shop, and neon colors, and someone named Smiling Ted is selling you on the million dollar equipment, it's a fitness center.

These are usually filled with flashy exercisers and can be fun just to go to look around. Some people you'll find will do only that. There are serious exercisers at a fitness center and they can be an excellent place to workout. They can get expensive but just getting access to the great equipment is worth it.

The health club usually is the same as the fitness center but adds racquetball, basketball, squash, rec rooms, lounges, tennis, swimming, wall climbing, or any other activity they can add to attract more members. These facilities are typically very expensive but are worth it if you like sports or want to get the whole family involved.

The point is not whether you choose a gym, fitness center, or health club or what you call it, they're basically all the same. If you join a health club, gym or fitness center your probably better off. The advantages are many. You have variety, instruction, and atmosphere.

You'll have more motivation for exercise than any other choice simply because you have people around you and more often than not your trying your best to train hard. You're more likely to continue your workout once you get there.

There are other advantages but these are just a few for exercise motivation. The disadvantages are of course the horror stories that you've heard about places being here today and gone tomorrow and then your money is gone.

Also you have the long term agreements that many clubs want instead of monthly payment plans. You also have overcrowded, no service, high volume facilities that are intimidating and frustrating if you want to get in and out.

Again most of these can be avoided with a little preplanning and thinking so don't let them discourage you from joining a fitness center, gym or health club. Just keep your eyes open, you'll be fine and your motivation for exercise will soar.

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