Big Biceps Exercises Needed


What are the best bicep exercises to build big, well-defined and strong biceps?

Hi my name is Imran Khan. I am 26 years old and from India.

My body weight is currently 82kg. Right now my arm size is around 16.5 inches after a biceps workout. I'm currently 5'10" in height.

My problem is this: I want to lose body fat but grow bigger biceps. My goal is to get my biceps up to at least 19 inches. Can you please suggest how I could do this in the most effective way possible and how long it may take.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Chin Ups Are Great Bicep Exercises

by Dan

For bigger biceps never neglect chin-ups. Bicep exercises like chin-ups will build your biceps the best. And the best thing is, there's so many variations in the style.

With so many ways you can do chin-ups you'll always be able to build the different heads of the bicep. Some examples of the different chin-up variations when doing bicep exercises include: over hand grip, wide grip, angle grip, close grip and ones with palms facing into each other.

Doing wide grip chin-ups also give you 'sick' lats which look awesome. You can also try some pre-exhaust supersets. Try ten reps of preacher curl bicep exercises then go straight to chin-ups of any kind. This works great.

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