One Thigh Exercise That Is Easy But Effective!

I have found that one of the best thigh exercises for me are "developes" which are a ballet move.

In order to perform thigh exercises such as a develope, stand next to something sturdy that you can hold onto (a bar, shelf, chair, etc.) then, starting on your right side, and holding onto your sturdy object with you left hand, point your toes, and slowly slide your foot up to "coupe", or just below your knee.

Make sure that you knee is "turned out". Now, slowly extend your leg in front of you, leading with your toes. Hold for 10 seconds, and then slowly lower to the ground. Make sure that you keep your leg straight while it is in the air and also when it is being lowered.

Now repeat with your left leg. I usually do 4 developes a day, doing one to the front, one to the side, one to the back, and then back to the side. Make sure that you work your legs evenly.

If you can't lift your leg very high, thats just fine! Just lift it as high as your muscles will allow and eventually your extension will get higher and higher!

And now, you can successfully perform a develope!

Congratulations, and good luck!


A developpé passes through retiré before it extends. The leg is supposed to be held up primarily by the abs and then muscles at the back of the thigh. You cannot lean back to get your leg higher and your spine must be straight and your standing leg has to be strait at all times.

The hips have to be level and facing front even with the leg to the side. It's important when first starting doing developpés to only hold them for a few seconds otherwise you'll be using the tops of your thighs and that will give you "gymnast legs" (when your top thigh muscles are big+bulky but strong).

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