Part 1 of Excellent Thigh Exercises Used By A Mother Of 3

by Joey

This is an actual email conversation with an excited client.

This Time It's For Good!

Just When She Thought She Was Down and Out Without a Fighting Chance ? She Finds a Source of Simple Fitness Wisdom and Turns Back the Hands Time After Years of Wasted Time, Energy and Money

By Joey Atlas, M.S. ? Exercise Physiology

This is a 'conversation' taking place between Joey Atlas and Lisa Pohlmeier of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina ? that is an ongoing 'Before and After' Success Story in the making ? So we can consider this a 'During' part of the 'before and after' story...


Hi all. I just ordered your program and can't wait to get started. I have been using the exercises from the emails I received and I'm so excited to get the full workout. I'm soon approaching the big milestone of 40 (YIKES!) and decided to hit the big 4-0 looking the very best I can.

After 6 pregnancies I'm due for a body makeover :). I hope to be reporting back soon with my progress.


- Excellent! - keep us posted on your progress.


Hey Joey!

I have been doing a lot of research on healthy eating and so forth and I think I have flooded my brain with too much information and ended up even more confused than before I started. I just read your article about calorie shifting and that makes more sense to me than anything else I have read. I know my body and I have been one that could never eat 3 meals a day without gaining weight.

I never ate breakfast, which is against most of what I have read. I recently tried doing the 3 meals low fat/low calorie eating pattern and for me it only added weight. Not a lot but enough to discourage me from continuing. So around to my it ok to not eat 3 meals a day? I've always joked that I had got hips instead of a metabolism when I was born. I'm so confused on what is right anymore that I am at a standstill.

I still have opted to do low fat and watch calories but I ditched the 3 meals. I felt like I was forcing myself to eat when I wasn't hungry to keep my metabolism going. I've never been a big water drinker but have managed to be a little better at that. The biggest thing I am having trouble with is changing the mindset that it's okay to eat some of the things I have avoided like carbs, the good fats etc.

I understand the key is with whole grains in breads and rice but my brain has a hard time wrapping around the fact that it?s a good for you thing.

I also have been programmed to see the numbers on the scale instead of the overall appearance. I need a clean slate with the right information in order to do a complete mind overhaul and I'm hoping you can help! Sorry for the short novel but thanks in advance for your help and if any of this made sense you are a genius! Lisa


- Forget the scale - its look and feel.

I sure do understand where you are coming from with all that is in your head.

But - I can tell you are ready to make your move in a definitive direction.

The calorie/meal shifting may be a perfect fit for you. See how you do with a consistent schedule of workouts for a few weeks.
Let us know how it's going, OK?


Hi Joey!

A couple quick (ha!) notes. First let me say this message board and the personal replies from you are a savior and inspiration to me. Your passion in helping people shows through with every message and for you to take the time to answer each of these after what I can only imagine to be a very hectic day for you is truly touching. You are a keeper!

I'm slowly sifting out some of the jumbled info in my head and hope to be on the right track to "getting it" and getting it right. I don't want to lose a lot of weight, 15-20 lbs tops, just mostly want to get rid of the jigglies and cellulite.

I'm 5'5" and currently 145lbs but a comfortable size 6.Ive been everywhere from 190 post pregnancy to 123-after a VERY unhealthy relationship and an even more unhealthy way of losing it. I've done my BMI and it ranges anywhere between 24-25%.

I'm taking your advice on the scale since I have always dreaded getting on one in the first place. I've done some measurements and was wondering is it normal to have one side larger than the other?

I have a difference of almost an inch on my thighs and not as much of a difference on my arms.

I also wanted to get your opinion on a couple of products out there... the fiber one bars and the various vitamin waters. What about chicken, namely the boneless skinless chicken breast? Love the recipes and hope to see more! Lisa


- Hi Lisa - thanks for your great feedback!

It's VERY rare that anyone is perfectly symmetrical from one side of the body to the other. Quite common for the differences you are seeing when comparing the right side of your body to the right.

RE: - the fiber one bars: Not crazy about them AT ALL - too many preservatives, palm kernel oil, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors (I talk more about these in my book) - Try all the Kashi bars - lots of choices and much better nutritionally (and taste).

- vitaminwater - WAY too many calories for a supposedly "healthy" drink.

Chicken is good a few times a week - BUT - you want to go for free range - organically raised chickens (once you try them you'll NEVER go back to 'regular' chickens (YUK!)

At minimum you want to go for meats that are raised WITHOUT hormones and antibiotics.

Hope this all helps - and please spread the word...Lots of BIG things to come in the next several months...


Hey Joey,

Wanted to let you know that I've been doing the calorie/meal shifting and its working GREAT! So much less confusion and I've actually seen a few pounds drop off. Regarding the program - I haven't gone through all of the support materials yet ? but I do I have a couple of questions.

I understand that it's a 2-3 times a week? but - How much cardio would be appropriate for the other days (knowing what you know about me now)? Thanks for checking in on me and the WEALTH of info you have provided...

P.S. - I've been passing on your website to EVERYONE! Lisa


- Shoot for 30 minutes of cardio on the other days. See if 30 works for you.

Thanks for spreading the word! - GREATLY appreciated.


Hi Joey!

I just realized I haven't given your feedback on you program - ....well I LOVE IT!! I love the pleasant 'burn', in all the right places and although I couldn't do the whole 15 of some of the exercises I did do every one of them.

As I told you earlier I wasn't a big water drinker but I think we have solved that problem with this program ? I do work up a good sweat. I'm excited to report back soon with my progress! THANK YOU !!!!! Lisa


- Awesome feedback Lisa!

Great to see you taking action...Did you print the progression plans?

Let me know.


Hey Joey

Yes I did which leads me to another question. I was a gym freak up until the last 6 months. I went everyday for 2-2 1/2 hrs a day. Well life happens and I got out of the routine of going there but I have heard about muscle memory which I'm not too clear on.

I had been substituting pilates and some other exercises so when I statrted doing your program I was kinda in between beginner and err...not so beginner on some of the exercises. Not to say that some of them didn't totally kick my butt-they did (amazing that this is with no machines and no weights!). I was watching in awe as you did some of them and when you said add weights if it was too easy...holy cow.'s an awesome exercise program and love the way you give options on different ways to do them. I think too many times people (myself included) are under the impression if you weren't killing yourself you weren't doing any good. Can't wait to do them again and feel like I accomplished what I set out to do afterwards. Thanks Joey, you are awesome!


- This is great stuff - there are a LOT of other women out there who would be inspired by your words BIGTIME - so keep me posted on your progress and when the serious results start showing - let me know. I'd love to get your story and photo on the web site
Sound good?


Yes, Joey!

It's a deal...I'm looking forward to being one of your success stories !

UPDATE from Lisa...:

Hey Joey,

Had to write with a quick but exciting update. Less than a week into doing your program, a couple weeks using your tips in your emails and the fantastic advice you have given me about calorie shifting, I'm down 5 pounds, but more importantly, REALLY feeling the difference in the my clothes and my 'shape'. The compliments from people who don't know what I'm doing are just the added perks!

This DOES work and the results are fast! Still lovin the gentle 'burn' during the workouts and the next day I'm never sore like I thought I would. I wish I would have known about you years ago, you would have saved me years of yo-yo dieting and endless time wasted in frustration and discouragement.

As a professed skeptic of organic and "healthy" foods I admit, that I was surprised to be able to start noticing the taste and actual texture of foods that have all the unnecessary junk in them. You have changed my whole thought process and made this all so easy. Many, many thanks. Lisa


- I love it! This is great stuff Lisa - keep at it & don't forget - I'll be waiting for your official 'before and after' story. Keep the progress reports hearing this kind of stuff!

End Of Part 1

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