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Well, where shall I begin - oh yes! at the beginning. Like thousands of women I have been struggling to keep my weight down and keep fit. Since about 1 year and 4 months I had decided to incorporate "resistance" training into my workout with the step-climber which I use 5 times a week.

I also had jiggle problems at the front and back of my thighs. Aside from aesthetics the "jiggle" aspect of not being firm just plain bothers me - the feel of it. I have read a lot about this issue to help myself in getting where I wanted to be. Taking into consideration how hard I do work at it I am a bit peeved at not getting as far as I would like.

I use 30lb weight for my squat and lunges (20reps, 3-5sets) and I love doing them - exhilerating! I also use 8-10lbs ankle weights doing various routines along with exercise bands. I stay on the climber 30-40 minutes. I do love working out. My routine takes 2 hours +.

I live in a building with 30 floors. I climb them 3-5 times successively, twice a week. Also like to run in the park in good weather. I prefer to work out on my own even though - if possible - I would love a personal trainer to assist me along.

On the up side, there have been big changes in how I look, but not where I want to be as of yet. Can't get rid of the excess fat from behind the thighs - still! Any suggestions, maybe?

There was one post from someone regarding not being able to do lunges and squats due to a bad knee. From experience I can say I also have a bad knee and contrary to what is being said I have found (if done correctly, of course) the lunge and squat have been beneficial.

With proper form I am able to do them without any problem and it has been a big help actually.

Lots of luck to all exercisers out there.

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