Personal South Beach Diet Thoughts

by Sharon

We ate what was recommended in the South Beach diet. My husband has lost 35 lbs and I have lost in total 75 lbs in 3 tries.

We eat lean meat, lots of veggies, olive oil, a bit of butter here and there, avocado, salad dressing that is low sugar and other low GI foods.

The culprit is sugar and not oils and fats. Anything that raises your blood sugar (chips, bread, buns, rice, pasta...)(alcohol) is a no no until you have almost reached your goal, then you add in one or two things only at a time to ensure you don't start backsliding.

Our bodies have evolved to eat meat, fat and berries and not grains. Keeping your insulin levels low is essential to prevent diabetes, breast cancer, other cancers and heart disease. Low fat is old unproven science - there is no correlation between sat fats and heart disease, only high triglycerides (from a high carb diet)and the size of your LDL will tell you, also C reactive protein.

This is the latest and most consistent research over the last 50 years. Low fat was bad science, folks, and an easy message to get people to understand, although it has led to the diabetes and obesity epidemic because people thought bread and doritos and crackers were ok.

My husband had high triglycerides and cholesterol and low HDL and his doc recommended South Beach. His levels are now great, and he eats cheese! I have more weight to lose and have a goal to lost 50 lbs this next year.

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